The latest edition of the “Friday Fishbowl” for Friday, September 23, 2011 is now archived and airing exclusively on the Wrestleview Radio Network with host Adam Martin (Editor in Chief of and VIP member Robert Dougherty aka Red and Yellow.

Questions answered on this week’s edition of the Friday Fishbowl for September 23, 2011:

Question #1: (Submitted by Goober)
With the renovations to Madison Square Garden being completed well beforehand, is there ANY way NYC doesn’t get Wrestlemania 30?

Question #2: (Submitted by Dane from Down Under)
Do you think the WWE is a bit unrealistic in the way they handles their talent, e.g expecting them to keep up with house/live show dates, train, travel, participate in PR activties, and still expect longevity from them? Doesn’t the current formula breed a roster that is for the most part unsustainable and may not be there 10 years from now?

Question #3: (Submitted by Goober)
How drunk are you, Hunter, and/or Doug going to be on the Wrestlemania 28 post show, live from Miami?