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Mick Foley has posted his latest blog on his website:

Here’s an excerpt:

“Several weeks ago, I wrote a piece called “A Serious Attempt at Comedy”, where I essentially begged (well, maybe not begged; but I did ask really, really nicely) fans who liked me as a wrestler to help me out a little, and offer the Hardcore Legend (me, HCL for short for the rest of this piece) a little support and the benefit of the doubt when it came to this serious attempt at comedy.

Well, brother (I love that word, and, no, the Hulkster didn’t invent it, and doesn’t have dibs on it) you guys came through with shining colors. That Brokerage show on August 24th that I asked for support on? We sold that SOB out, and had an amazing atmosphere, full of people ready to laugh and have fun – you can catch clips from that show RIGHT here on That UK tour? We sold three of those SOB’s (Glasgow, London, Manchester) out on the FIRST day of sales. Nottingham just sold out, Newcastle is going to be close to full, and my shows in Cork and Limerick, Ireland are looking good. Thank you so much to everyone who has bought a ticket, watched a clip, tweeted, texted, told a friend or in any way unbeknownst to me helped spread the word.

But brother, the HCL needs your help again. I’ve got several shows coming up in the next couple weeks (check my website for listings, and ticket info) and while all of the shows are special in their own way, I have two that I’d like you to really help me out with. My October 5th show in Charlotte, NC at the Charlotte Comedy Zone is a fund-raiser for Shane “Hurricane” Helms, who was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident several months ago…”