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It was on July 18th that Triple H made his return to WWE television wearing a suit and tie in place of his usual blue jeans and t-shirt. Instead of a menacing, confident walk that featured his trademark pose, he had his head to the ground as he reluctantly entered the ring and asked Vince McMahon to accompany him to the back. The night before, at Money in the Bank, John Cena had failed to successfully defend the WWE Championship against the departing CM Punk. The company was humiliated as Punk ran through the streets of Chicago a free agent, no longer bound to any WWE appearances. Someone had to be punished. That someone would be John Cena. It was less than a year before when Cena was fired from the company during his program with Wade Barrett. It seemed Cena would once again be sent packing by McMahon as Raw was coming to a close. But Cena escaped punishment by McMahon as the Board of Directors felt that the blame was not to fall on Cena’s shoulders, but McMahon’s. While Cena had failed to win a match, McMahon had failed to keep a man under contract who was getting a shot at the company’s top title on his last night. Triple H was chosen to confront his father-in-law on behalf of the Board. As John Cena awaited his firing, Triple H changed the direction of the blame and announced that Vince was relieved of his duties. To top it all off Triple H would be the one to step up as Chief Operating Office of World Wrestling Entertainment.

It has been almost three months since Triple H took the reins. Since then turmoil has run through the company in a storyline that has dominated Raw. Reactions have been mixed. The readers of Wrestleview were asked in the websites most recent poll what they thought of the Triple H COO storyline. The results of the voting are as follows:

What are your thoughts on the Triple H COO storyline?

Love it – 28.52% (857 votes)
It’s okay – 48.99% (1,472 votes)
Hate it – 22.5% (676 votes)

Total votes cast: 3,005

Of the three options in the voting, most readers feel the storyline is okay. It’s not abysmal, but it doesn’t knock their socks off either. There is nothing particularly enticing, but it doesn’t turn them away. It’s never good when people do not care for a top storyline, but when it doesn’t draw them in, especially when it is the top program for a number of months, it may be time to change direction. More voters love it than hate it as over twenty-eight percent think very highly of the storyline. Some have gone so far as to call it this generation’s version of the New World Order. Triple H was perfect for the role considering this is the way things will be one day when Vince McMahon really does step down. Considering CM Punk’s character turn in recent months, a program between him and HHH made perfect sense as the Game has been accused of playing backstage politics and marrying his way up the ladder. Twenty-two percent of voters cannot stand the storyline. The Miz/R-Truth firing was too phony, the win over Punk at Night of Champions was uncalled for, and the direction seems aimless.
It all started out as a change in the John Cena-CM Punk feud, or so we all thought. Instead, the Cena-Punk program was only the birthplace of a direction the company was planning to head for several months. What was once a program between three men now involves the entire WWE roster. Every Monday night, the story continues.

Thanks to all those who participated in the voting. Be sure to participate in the latest Wrestleview poll asking who has been WWE’s best big man in the past decade.

Matt O’Brien