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Tyson Tomko, Ex-WWE Star Arrested — Allegedly Shooting Up in a Chili’s Bathroom

A former WWE wrestler was arrested in Florida yesterday after cops say he was injecting himself with stolen pain medicine … while hiding inside the bathroom of a local Chili’s restaurant.

Tyson Tomko — who wrestled in the WWE between 2002 and 2009 — is accused of robbing a CVS Pharmacy on October 10th … allegedly threatening to attack the pharmacist unless he forked over several bottles of Oxycodone.

The pharmacist claims he complied — and Tomko escaped with 210 tablets of the powerful painkiller.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Tomko went to a nearby Chili’s … where he asked his waitress for a spoon. When the server brought him a teaspoon, he asked for a “deeper spoon” … and when he got it, he took it to the men’s room … where he remained for 30 to 40 minutes.

Cops were eventually tipped off … and when they arrived on the scene, one officer says Tomko had “needle marks and blood running down his arm” … and had just flushed something down the toilet.

Tomko was taken into custody — and allegedly told police he has a “severe drug problem.”

Cops say Tomko admitted he took the Oxycodone from CVS … and injected 178 pills, which he crushed up and melted down … but he swore he never threatened the pharmacist.

Tomko was taken to a nearby hospital … then transported to a nearby jail, where he was booked for robbery. He’s currently behind bars — bond was set at $7,500.