The latest edition of “The Teacher’s Lounge” for Saturday, October 22, 2011 with hosts Dave Stephens (Raw recapper and Wrestleview columnist) and Anthony Valvo (Wrestleview columnist) is now streaming on the Wrestleview Radio Network.

Topics covered for this week’s edition of The Teacher’s Lounge for October 22:

Title: “Pirate”

* Dave and Mr. V go over “The Big Picture” portion to kick things off this week. We talked in depth about TNA Wrestling’s New Champion, Hogan and Bischoff tweets after the announcement of the new champion, Jim Ross’ announcement that he is done doing weekly television, Kurt Angle’s claim that he will retire in three years, and (since the news week was slow) talked a bit about Hardcore Holly’s book.

* In “The Small Picture”, Dave and Mr. V go over CM Punk rejecting a role for a WWE film, ESPN’s report on Scott Hall, Mil Mascaras Hall of Fame announcement, David Lagana’s new role in TNA, Heath Slater’s suspension, The air date for “Tribute to the Troops”, Todd Grisham’s ESPN debut, new names for the WWE ’12 video game, and the unfortunate event involving Jerry Brisco and Gangrel.

* Since Mr. V was not on the TNA Post-Show, he quickly ran down what he liked and did not like on TNA’s Bound for Glory PPV. Surprisingly, he found some very good moments.

* We threw in some “Detentions”, including a professional wrestling official that actually used an MMA glove while officiating a match last Sunday.

* After “Detentions”, Mr. V and Dave introduced a new game called “Food Chain”. We try to figure out who will be next in line for the WWE Intercontinental and United States Championships. Please feel free (if you listen to that portion) to provide your thoughts.

* Dave and Mr. V give the VIP members a special look into who we predicted to win matches for WWE’s next PPV, “Vengeance”.

* Since we received no e-mails, Dave and Mr. V closed out the show with “Gold Stars”.

*All this and so much more in an approximately 80-minute long show.

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