The latest edition of “The Teacher’s Lounge” for Saturday, October 29, 2011 with hosts Dave Stephens (Raw recapper and Wrestleview columnist) and Anthony Valvo (Wrestleview columnist) is now streaming on the Wrestleview Radio Network.

Topics covered for this week’s edition of The Teacher’s Lounge for October 29:

Title: “More Beef (or we will blast your restaurant to smithereens)”

* Dave and Mr. V go over “The Big Picture” portion to kick things off this week. We talked in depth about The success of Wrestlemania for the WWE and Atlanta, GA, The Rock training with R-Truth and The Miz, TNA (spoiler) crowned yet another new champion, Booker T’s possible return to the ring, The Muppets on commentary, and the WWE release of Maryse.

* In “The Small Picture”, Dave and Mr. V go over Ticket prices for Wrestlemania XXVIII, TNA’s Bound for Glory buyrates, Talks between TNA and AAA, Mike Tenay’s new deal, CM Punk’s perks in his new deal, Eric Bischoff’s comments to the dirt sheets, Jay Lethal vs. Roderick Strong at Glory by Honor X, Greg Gumbled unprofessional quip to Hulk Hogan, Chikara’s High Noon, Tomko going to WWE rehabilitation, and the unfortunate heart attack that Barry Windham suffered.

* We threw in some “Detentions”, including a disgruntled and lame Taco Bell customer that did not get enough beef in his XXL Chalupa.

* After “Detentions”, Mr. V and Dave played a few games in the “Game Time” section. NXT Recapper Gregory Walek supplied us with enough Title/Job/Fires that will last a month and we went over four of them. We also played “Food Chain” where we predict who will be next-in-line for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and we played a game that was pretty much a disaster in the “Halloween” portion. You may want to skip that part.

* Dave and Mr. V closed out the show with some “Gold Stars”, including one to whoever is booking John Morrison to lose every match.

* All this and so much more in an approximately 90-minute long show.

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