Jim Ross has a new entry on his website, this time talking about Mike Tyson hosting WWE Raw, Tommy Dreamer leaving the WWE and more.

“Rumors are circulating that Tommy Dreamer is leaving WWE but leaving on good terms. This is NOT official as I have not talked to any one in WWE or to Tommy but I did get a few emails from some fans who said that Tommy told them at a personal appearance that he was leaving WWE. Dreamer is a passionate guy who loves the business particularly what it was during the early part of his career. I have great respect for Tommy Dreamer and wish him much happiness and good health. I expect to see Tommy in a wrestling ring as long as he is physically able to hold up ala Terry Funk, one of Dreamer’s heroes. Tommy’s twin daughters appeared for a season in my favorite TV show of all time, “The Sopranos” which was really cool.”

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