Florida Championship Wrestling Results
October 31, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s trek to the land of the Sunshine State with the FCW recap. If you are all ready, strap on a seatbelt, and let’s get on with the show!
Announcers are Matt Martlaro & William Regal, with WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel once again as the ring announcer.

Florida 15 Title: Damien Sandow defeated Seth Rollins (c) 2-1, to become the new Florida 15 champion. During the match, Dean Ambrose came out and sat down in the VIP area, with popcorn to watch the match. Sandow got the 1st fall via a DDT after Rollins was distracted by Ambrose. Rollins got the 2nd fall with a roll-up. Sandow got the 3rd and decidin fall with seconds to go as Dean Ambrose came back in and attacked Sandow, leading to Rollins being disqualified and Sandow gaining the fall and the title.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Good match from these two, both put on a good effort. Rollins continue to improve with his selling, and the finish was done really well as it continues the Ambrose-Rollins rivalry as Ambrose cost Rollins the title. Good match to kick things off, and nice storyline progression also.

Percy Watson & Titus O’Neil defeated Jinder Mahal & Rick Victor by pinfall after O’Neil hit the Clash of the Titus on Victor. During the match, Victor asked for a tag from Mahal, but Mahal refused and walked away, leaving Victor prey for O’Neil & Watson.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Decent tag match. Watson & O’Neil continue to improve and get better every time out as a tag team. Victor was decent, and Mahal did really nothing of note.

Video is shown highlighting Florida Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger.

Brad Maddox defeated Briley Pierce by pinfall with a Oklahoma Roll. After the match, Pierce wanted another match, and Maddox obliged. Maddox then rolled up Pierce again for another victory. During the match, William Regal received a phone call and left the commentary table to go to the back.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Solid 1st outing from Pierce, who is being booked as a underdog with the transition from announcer to interviewer. Maddox was good as the arrogant heel here and did a decent job to try and garner sympathy from the fans to Pierce. OK match.

Conor O’Brian w/ The Ascension defeated Colin Cassidy by pinfall with a big boot.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: This was merely a showcase for the Ascension, who continue to impress me with the way they are getting over this Twlight-like gimmick to them with the acting like rabid dogs to Diaz shouting instructions to just the look and aura that the group brings. Its one of the most intriguing acts in FCW and one of the more unique things FCW has done since its inception. Good stuff from a character standpoint. Match was nothing but a squash, but the character acting made this a lot more entertaining & intriguing.

Main Event: Husky Harris & Richie Steamboat went to a No Contest after Harris shoved down the referee and continued fighting with Steamboat. After the referee was shoved down, FCW General manager Maxine came out with William Regal and asked for wrestlers & officials to come in and break these two up. Wrestlers came out from the back and tried to break up the two, but to no avail. Maxine went in to try and stop it, but Brad Maddox was shoved away from the pile and ran into Maxine, who was knocked down hard to the mat. William Regal went to check on her, as the fight between Steamboat & Harris continued. Dean Ambrose saw Regal check on Maxine and got a look in his eye. Ambrose then attacked Regal, who then fought back on Ambrose. Maxine got in-between the two with a smile on her face as both Regal & Ambrose were ready to fight as we went to credits.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Main event was a decent brawl, but the post-match angle was done really well. It continues the Harris-Steamboat rivalry without a clear victor, and it begins the Ambrose-Regal rivalry, which has Maxine involved for some reason, but it has me very intrigued as to how that will all turn out. Regal vs. Ambrose should be a lot of fun match-wise, and I cannot wait to see it.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good episode of FCW this week. Good opening match, another good showcase for the Ascension, Percy & Titus continue to impress as a team, main event was decent, the post-match stuff was done real well, and Dean Ambrose continues to be made into a star down in the land of the Sunshine State.

My Grade: B

Well, that will do it for this week’s trek to the land of the Sunshine State. Hope you all enjoyed your time, and I hope to see you again next week. I will leave you with these 2 things. 1) You can watch this week’s FCW below and 2) You can also watch a Muppets trailer, seeing as tonight is MUPPET MONDAY! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! See ya next week for more F-C-W!