Audio: “The Teacher’s Lounge” for 11/6/11

The latest edition of “The Teacher’s Lounge” for Saturday, November 6, 2011 with hosts Dave Stephens (Raw recapper and Wrestleview columnist) and Anthony Valvo (Wrestleview columnist) is now streaming on the Wrestleview Radio Network.

Topics covered for this week’s edition of The Teacher’s Lounge for November 6:

Title: “Did YOU turn your clocks back?”

* Dave and Mr. V go over “The Big Picture” articles this week which included The Rock and John Cena’s formation of a tag team at Survivor Series, Evan Bourne’s suspension, ROH getting more television exposure thanks to Sinclair Broadcasting Group, and the 3rd Quarter Earnings from the WWE and our take if the WWE should even listen to the Internet Wrestling Community.

* In “The Small Picture”, Dave and Mr. V briefly talk about WWE Superstars and NXT moving to the new WWE Network next year, Mick Foley’s “unofficial” return to a WWE event, another 3-hour Monday Night Raw, TNA’s new VP of Public Relations, Dave Bautista’s new movie role, Finlay turning down TNA, Jesse Ventura’s reactions to his dropped lawsuit, CM Punk’s TLC Poster, Jacques Rougeau’s cancer diagnosis, and The Juggalos.

* In “The TMZ Useless Story of the Week”, The Ultimate Warrior had comments regarding the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Why we think it is actually not so “useless”.

* After our “Detentions” segment, Dave and Mr. V played “Food Chain”. In this game, we determined who would be next in line for Mark Henry’s World Heavyweight Championship.

* The hosts also played some Title/Joe/Fire. The categories came from VIP Members Grash (who is the Wrestleview NXT Reacapper) and xtremeking1. Who do you think was the better “Batman”? Christian Bale, Adam West, or Michael Keaton?

* Finally, Dave and Mr. V closed out the show with some “Gold Stars”, including TWO to Ricardo Rodriguez for various reasons on last Monday’s Raw.

* All this and so much more…in about a 90-minute program.

Send all questions to We would love to get your feedback and give you a Gold Star if it is good enough.

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