Matt O’Brien writes and maintains the poll every two weeks.

TNA and Ring of Honor have been good places for tag teams, and WWE has even shown signs of a revitalized division in recent months. The most recent Wrestleview poll asked readers to vote for their favorite current tag team. After more than 5,000 votes, the results are as follows:

What is your favorite current tag team?

Air Boom (WWE) 10.42% (558 votes)
All Night Express (ROH) 1.4% (75 votes)
Briscoe Brothers (ROH) 7.92% (424 votes)
Ink Inc. (TNA) 30.44% (1,630 votes)
Mexican America (TNA) 2.99% (160 votes)
Miz & R-Truth (WWE) 24.58% (1,316 votes)
Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (ROH) 12.12% (649 votes)
Other 10.12% (542 votes)

Total votes cast: 5,354

The top spot was up between Ink Inc. and Miz & R-Truth. Ink In. ended up edging out the WWE pair by a little over three hundred votes. Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore have become more prominent in the TNA spotlight in recent months. Now that Beer Money is no more, expect to see Ink Inc. as TNA’s top team for some time to come. Miz & R-Truth both feuded with John Cena earlier in the year, but found themselves as a new form of Outsiders in the Triple H-COO storyline. They have now emerged as an alliance against John Cena going into Survivor Series for the return of The Rock.

A distant third place went to Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin have been teaming together for years. After they both left WWE, they found themselves reunited in Ring of Honor. Less than one hundred votes behind Hass and Benjamin was WWE’s Air Boom. Even Bourne and Kofi Kingston were two singles wrestlers thrown together and awarded the Tag Team Championship. Bourne and Kingston are two high-flyers that at this time fit very well as a tag team.

The Other category is placed on Wrestleview polls so readers can cast their votes for a choice that there simply is not room for on the ballot. Those who voted for their favorite teams left their choices in the comments which mostly listed the Beer Money and Motor City Machineguns.

Towards the bottom of the rankings were the Biscoe Brothers, who still came in with over four hundred votes. The Briscoes have been thrilling audiences for years but still remain an unknown to fans not familiar with ROH. TNA’s Mexican America and ROH’s All Night Express came in at the very bottom, but if things keep moving with them, they would likely rank higher if this question were asked again in a few months.

A big thanks to all those who voted. Be sure to cast your vote in the current poll asking how The Rock will perform at Survivor Series!

Matt O’Brien