FREE AUDIO: Survivor Series PPV recap for 11/20 and the Wrestleview Radio Network presented a special free podcast on Sunday, November 20 reviewing the WWE Survivor Series PPV hosted by Adam Martin, Hunter Golden and Doug Lackey. Topics discussed on this show for November 20, 2011:

* A brief rundown of the results of the 25th annual WWE Survivor Series PPV.
* Thoughts on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return to the ring for the first time in seven years.
* Why John Cena worked great as a babyface in peril for a majority of the tag team main event.
* Discussion on the rather distracting crowd in New York City at Madison Square Garden.
* Trying to figure out why WWE is playing “hot potato” with the WWE Championship belt.
* Hunter on why CM Punk working as a babyface just isn’t seeming to click well on TV.
* Looking at the crowd chanting “BORING” for Mark Henry vs. Big Show only for it to get great.
* Other thoughts on Team Orton vs. Team Barrett, Phoenix vs. Torres and Ziggler vs. Morrison.
* Taking phone calls from listeners getting thoughts along with Facebook/Twitter feedback.
* Plus, a big announcement regarding the future of the Wrestleview Radio Network.

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