The latest edition of the “Wrestleview International Desk” for Sunday, December 4, 2011 with hosts Darragh O’Connor and Greg McNeish is now online and streaming for FREE exclusively on and the Wrestleview Radio Network.

Note: The show will be provided for free every week beginning on Sunday and will be removed on Saturday evening. Only Wrestleview VIP members will have access to all of the archived episodes of the show in addition to archives of all audio content since May of 2009.

Topics discussed on this show for December 4, 2011:

* 3:17 – The show goes dark on Belfield FM until January, but remains free on

* 4:38 – Greg talks about hosting a new show on the Wrestleview Radio Network with Mike Tedesco

* 8:30 – Wrestleview’s Jason Namako joins the show to talk indy wrestling and WWE Superstars

* 39:21 – Darragh and Greg return to review “the week in wrestling” with Raw and Smackdown

* 1:20:52 – Darragh reminds everyone that TNA has a Pay Per View coming up next Sunday

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