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Matches made available this week, as part of the Bargain Cruiserweight / X-Division / Zero-Gravity Section, where all matches are only €1 were :

Bubblegum vs. Red Vinny

JP Monroe vs. Bingo Ballance (w/Bubblegum on Commentary)

Bubblegum vs. Bingo Ballance

JP Monroe vs. Bubblegum

JP Monroe vs. Bubblegum vs. Red Vinny vs. Bingo Ballance (4-Way Match)

Coming up next week are matches including : Ashley Reed, El Ligero, Akira Raijin, Nosawa, Andy Simmonz, Aviv Maayan, Jonny Storm, Kid Kash, Jetta, Amazing Kong, Wesna, Cheerleader Melissa, Vic Viper, Christopher Daniels, Red Vinny, Bingo Ballance and Bubblegum.

Our Top 3 Highest Viewed Preview Clips on our YouTube Channel are :
“Sweet” Saraya Knight vs. Cheerleader Melissa (
“Jezebel” Eden Black vs. The Ballymun Bruiser – Intergender Match (
“Jezebel” Eden Black (c) vs. Portia Perez (w/Jetta) – RQW Women’s Title Match (

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