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Forget Stone Cold, he’s Ice Cold. It’s an all new edition of Ray “Glacier” Lloyd’s audio show, Breaking The Ice”, with James Guttman returns and this 62 minute edition is full of topics including why he’ll never have a “retirement match”, how the Internet has affected Indy wrestling, advice for young stars, details on his new blog (, and tons more. For a

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A topic that always dominates Breaking The Ice is Indy wrestling. As a former TNA agent, Ray Lloyd knows about the challenges of young stars and those looking to break to the next level. James Guttman and Glacier go in depth about advice for potential stars and what they can do to improve. However, they also talk about many issues facing independent wrestling. The subject comes up of masked stars and how many promoters recycle talent under masks throughout the show. JG brings up events run with “three people and nine masks”. Lloyd knows shows like that but, as he explains to listeners, that’s not what irks him the most.

“Over the years, it’s really become an issue. What really aggravates me is when I see someone show up and it’s an independent wrestler under a hood assuming the name of someone who actually has made a name as a masked wrestler. That aggravates me.”

Guttman agrees and points out the “thouasands of Doinks everywhere”.

“Right, right. I actually did a match in Orlando a few years ago and I’ve known Mr. Wrestling II since the beginning of my career. I really credit him with a lot. He mentored a lot of us during the Peach State Wrestling days. He didn’t personally pull me and (Ray’s early tag partner R.D. Swain) aside. But we learned a lot from him. He allowed us to learn from him and get to know him. His son was a referee and he allowed us to travel with him. We really built a great relationship with him.”

As longtime listeners of Ray’s show, Breaking The Ice, know, Ray considers a relationship with fans to be very important. When he wrestles, he does what he can to give them the best match each time. But when he sees others trying to deceive fans, he steps in as well. Such was the case when “Mr. Wrestling II” and his representative showed up at an Indy show.

“I did a show a few years ago in Orlando – and just to show you how people in the business even try to work each other in the business – this one guy comes in. Now I’m not sure but the guy who came in to speak to everyone in the locker room maybe thought this guy was Mr. Wrestling II because the guy had apparently told him that. He says to the crowd, we’re all sitting there, and he says, ‘I want to introduce you guys to a wrestling legend.’ Blah, blah, blah. And he says, ‘The problem is he’s having some health problems.’ And he made them out to be pretty serious like he had serious health problems. The guy may have, I don’t know. But he says, ‘You guys probably know who he is. He’s Mr. Wrestling II.’ Blah, blah, blah. The guy wasn’t even wearing a hood in the locker room. But then he was going to make an appearance on the show as Mr. Wrestling II with the hood on.”

JG responds with a “wow” and, as mentioned earlier, members knew what was coming next. Something like that wasn’t going to happen on a show that Ray was a part of.

“After everybody kind of dispersed, I went over and tapped the guy on the shoulder and said, ‘Can I talk to you in private for a second?’ (laughs) I walked over and I said, ‘I just need you to know something. I know you’re not Mr. Wrestling II because I know who Mr. Wrestling II is and I know he’s retired, lives in Hawaii, and I know him quite well and you’re not him. I’m not about to let you walk out there and try to fool these people.’ The mask he had was like faded and yellowed. It was like the worst example of this. Of course, the guy backed down. The best part was that the guy claimed they didn’t introduce him correctly. He was Mr. Wrestling IV! Not Mr. Wrestling III. (laughs) They just skipped three.”

Lloyd goes on to give details of Mr. Wrestling II’s secret private life, his relationship with President Jimmy Carter, and how Ray almost had to testify in court in order to verify the real Mr. Wrestling II. Remember, you can hear all of Glacier’s audio shows now on (not to mention shows hosted by Paul Roma, Fifi The Maid, and others) plus over 300 WWE, TNA, and WCW stars ranging from Jamison to Jesse Ventura in uncut shoot interview with James Guttman the moment you log in!