Josh Stewart passed along a new blog where he looks at the protocol of handling legitimate injuries in WWE and TNA following Jesse Sorensen’s injury at the Against All Odds PPV this past Sunday.

“When you make your living feigning injury — regularly using stretchers and ambulances in the process — you can’t expect people to figure out on their own when the show ends and real trauma begins. Sunday night proved how much work both TNA and WWE have to do to create an acceptable protocol when a legitimate injury takes place during a show.

In the crazy wrestling world of worked shoots, we’ve seen refs cross their arms to make fans think someone got hurt. We’ve seen web reports and tweets talking of guys being hospitalized for further observation, when the only thing hurting were their shelved pushes. And backstage sources aren’t always reliable.

At a time like Sunday night, there is one, count them, one way to 100 percent confirm that what is going on is a real injury. An independent source needs to be able to contact the hospital the wrestler was taken to and have a member of the staff acknowledge that said wrestler was admitted.”