Kayfabe Commentaries sent this in.


There you are, sitting at Bennigan’s in North Carolina. Maybe you’re sitting between Arn Anderson, drinking his Miller Lite, and JJ Dillon, with his standard Bacardi and Coke. Ah look, there’s Ric Flair coming in, grabbing the cutest waitress in the place and having her bring over a tray of kamikazes. What’s in Lex’s glass over there, as he leans against the wall in the corner? Most likely water. Look, a group of babyfaces just came in the bar. Don’t worry, they’re headed to the other side of the room. They won’t even look over here. And we won’t look toward them.

It’s Monday night, February 23, 1987. Well it’s not really, but if you pop in “Being A Horseman”, the latest DVD release from Kayfabe Commentaries, it will seem so. The unique DVD centers on the most notorious wrestling stable of heels, The Four Horsemen. But rather than retell the stories of their formation and feuds, JJ Dillon and Kayfabe Commentaries take you back to 1987 and recreate the lives of the group. Through storytelling and a simulation experience with graphics and sound design, the DVD seeks to deal with the day-to-day existence for seven days. You’ll do it all…the bars? Check. The syndicated TV? Check. WTBS TV? Check. Flights? Check. Rental cars? Check. Wives? Check. Girls? Check.

Kayfabe Commentaries co-founder and president Sean Oliver says the reason KC has been able to so accurately recreate the week is due to both their tireless research…and JJ Dillon’s magic weapon. “JJ kept fastidious notes and journals during this time,” Oliver began. “It allowed us to fill in all the blanks that we had after researching the week. JJ opened the 1987 journal and viola…there it was — the amount of the taxi, the cost of the charter jet, the hotel…everything. Those incredible details, paired with a great deal of graphics and sound design allowed us to create what I’ve come to call a shoot-sim.”

The DVD experience chronicles the week where Ole’s turn against the Horsemen was solidified on TV. Dillon covers that angle, and the real reason behind it, as well as dozens of other topics and moments, and all things Horsemen. So here in 2012, the year of The Four Horsemen’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, you’ll have the chance to go back in time and live it all firsthand. The DVD went on sale at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.