Strong Style Productions launches wrestling clothing line

Strong Style Productions sent this in.

We just wanted to send word out that we have just launched the SSP (Strong Style Productions) Clothing Line over at our website!

We are initially offering T-Shirts and Hoodies, and they are all Pro-Wrestling inspired / themed!

The initial batch features the following items :

TBS (Team Black Sheep) Lightning Bolt T-shirt (Inspired by CM Punk)
“I Dig Pink Fanny Packs” T-Shirt (Inspired by Kaitlyn)

The Hashtag # Twitter Line :

#TeamBlackSheep T-Shirt (Inspired by CM Punk)
#heelslikepink T-Shirt and Hoodie (Inspired by Dolph Ziggler)
#faceslikeblue T-shirt and Hoodie
#screwjob’97 i remember T-Shirt (Inspired by the infamous Survivor Series 1997 Screwjob)
#STRAIGHTEDGE T-Shirt (Inspired by CM Punk)
#itsclobberintime T-Shirt (Inspired by CM Punk)
#GreenMist T-Shirt (Inspired by The Great Muta)
#RedMist T-Shirt (Inspired by The Great Muta)
#ClownShoes T-Shirt (Inspired by CM Punk)

We are also still offering EXCLUSIVE Blu-Ray’s and DVD’s featuring Allison Danger (ROH, Shimmer) and Doug Basham (WWE, TNA), only available through our online store!

Watch out for more T-Shirts and Hoodies to be added each week to our online store!

Don’t forget to keep up with us on the world of Social Media…
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twitter :: @sspdvd
facebook :: Strong Style Productions

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