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Shane Douglas paid a hotel clerk for one week in advance, told them he wasn’t to be disturbed, duct taped his curtains closed and prepared for a week of violent illness and withdrawl. The pro wrestling star spent his golden years working for the hardcore wrestling federation ECW, so it’s perhaps fitting that his approach to getting his system clean of narcotics was equally hardcore. Shane left his house with two “hits” in his pocket, knowing full well he would take them by sundown, enjoy a movie, and awaken in hell. He outlines this journey, and a host of other hot-button topics, in his edition of the popular shoot-DVD series “YouShoot,” released today at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas found himself in the grips of perscription medication, and as it began to become more and more noticable to his family he knew he had to attack it head-on. His decision came while working for Dixie Carter and TNA, who seemed initially supportive. Douglas is one of scores of wrestlers who found themselves battling pills, and unlike many Shane doesn’t turn his crosshairs on the business, promoters’ demands, or doctors. Instead, Shane Douglas reserves a very potent fury for the pharmaceutical industry and their accused boondoggling of doctors and pateints into believing Oxycontin was a harmless, miracle drug. He unloads on the specific makers of the drug and the industry in general in this “YouShoot.”

Beyond the serious moments like this and education (his, as well as “state-of,” general), you also have the more light-hearted topics that have become the staple of the uncensored and unpredictable shoot-DVD series produced by Kayfabe Commentaries. Shane Douglas is treated to the games you’re familiar with as well as some news ones catering specifically to him, like “The Dean’s Report Card,” wherein he grades pro wrestlers in multiple categories.

Kayfabe Commentaries’ president Sean Oliver says that Shane was a passionately requested guest from fans that he felt was a must-have. “Shane was always considered a great promo,” Oliver started, “and it’s largely due to his intelligence and his loquaciousness. He is entertaining to listen to, but more to the point he holds a blind allegience to no one which frees him up to be honest. He isn’t desperately praying for the phone to ring like many others.”

“YouShoot: Shane Douglas” is also offering a limited run of autographed, Singature Editions with custom covers. Both versions of the DVD went onsale today at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.