Arda Ocal sent this in.

Part 2 of Arda Ocal’s (@arda_ocal) interview with Diamond Dallas Page (@RealDDP) has been released. Highlights:

His WWE debut in 2001 as “The Stalker” on his feud with The Undertaker , If it was up to him, how would be have debuted himself in the WWE:

“I would have showed up, and blacked out the entire arena. Everybody thought it was Chris Jericho, but then he gives a 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds, and then all of a sudden JR would say ‘hang on we got some technical difficulty’, and then for the first time ever you would hear my voice say ‘Who’s the real peoples champion’, then the spotlight hits me, and I go ‘Your looking at him’ – Throw it up (his diamond cutter sign) bang up, explosions and go to the ring.”

Giving his thoughts on Wrestlemania 28, having been there live

What are some of his most revered memories during his career in WCW:

“Winning the world title. It was in that 4 way dance with me, Hogan, Sting, and Flair. 3 of the most iconic names of all time. The first match I had with Savage ( WCW Spring Stampede 1997 ). For Randy to take the diamond cutter, nobody saw that coming , that move came out of nowhere and “BANG” ( laughs), and 1-2-3 it was electric. It’s what really set my career to a different level.

His thoughts on Randy Orton using the RKO / Diamond Cutter and having a conversation with him about it

His thoughts on winning the WCW Championship when he was 42 years old, did he ever along the way ever get people telling him his career will be over before it starts:

“In the beginning, I had people telling me I couldn’t do it, cause they all knew my age my tight group of guys. So what I did was stop telling people. Cause I look so much younger, act so much younger. It all about how you live your life.”

What percentage of his life today revolves around pro wrestling

To watch part 2 of the full interview, click on this link :