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Ain’t Your Mama’s DDPYoga Retreat

Guest Opportunity: Diamond Dallas Page, Founder of DDPYOGA, Fitness Expert and Former WWE and WCW Superstar

Legendary fitness guru, Diamond Dallas Page is hosting an extravaganza in El Dorado, Mexico on July 26th through July 30th, for his annual DDPYoga Retreat at the El Dorado Royale resort and spa.

This four night five-day event will pull out all the stops, and is a dream stop for DDP Fans, Fitness Fans & DDPYOGA enthusiasts from all the around the world. The DDPYoga Retreat will combine an intense yoga workout with a relaxed and party filled atmosphere that is sure to be fun and challenging that anyone can do at any level.

Diamond Dallas Page is available for interviews and can discuss,

Why should people attend the DDPYOGA Retreat?
What types of activities can people participate in when they attend the DDPYOGA retreat?
What makes DDPYOGA different from other workout programs?
How did DDPYOGA get started?
What are some success stories of people who have used DDPYOGA?
Meet Diamond Dallas Page (DDP)

One of the TOP Professional Wrestlers in the world
Founder of DDPYOGA
Created a yoga workout that helped him and those who use it
Success story by Arthur Boorman –

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