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Dirty Dutch is announcing his very own DVD release entitled Dirty Memphis to be released soon. The DVD will cover one of the most entertaining promotions ever…during their hottest period ever through the eyes of Dutch. If you’re a fan of great stories, this is the DVD for you. Dutch talks about his entire career interspersed with great stories about Memphis including the infamous Andy Kaufman angle with Jerry Lawler and how it all went down, the classic 26 falls Tag Team Texas Death Match that has never been duplicated anywhere, and his classic feuds with Jerry Lawler and Randy Macho Man Savage. Other topics include a young Steve Austin, Undertaker, Kane, Puerto Rico, WCW and his days spent in WWF. Included also is a rare vintage look at some never before seen photos that give a great glimpse into the past of how pro wrestling was in its earlier days.

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DVD is selling for $27.95 shipping and handling included. Pre-orders being taken now.