Brian Soscia passed this along.

Former WWE Superstar Chyna holds nothing back as she chats wrestling’s past,present and future w/ Brian Soscia (@THEBrianSoscia). She also discusses her latest project, a porno called Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody.

She speaks freely on a number of subjects such as:

How the pron business and wrestling business relate to each other.
How she got into the wrestling business?
If the Triple H break-up shocked her?
Did he rise to the to b/c he is with the boss’s daughter?
Once Triple H has control of the company, will things change?
Her relationship w/ XPac.
Her views on the current business.
Would she ever go back if WWE offered her a contract?
She discusses her trouble w/ Vince McMahon.
Her match “Good Housekeeping” match w/ Jeff Jarrett and the controversy surrounding it.
Her thoughts on current Divas Beth Phoenix and Kharma?
PLUS much more!!