Wrestling podcast with Redskins player and Carroll

4th and Pain sent this in.

4th and Pain

Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker has teamed up with radio vet Chuck Carroll to launch the first ever pro wrestling radio show hosted by an NFL player.

Carriker and Carroll host 4th and Pain online each week on www.4thAndPain.com and the Chad Dukes Wrestling Network.

The show has been touted as a “Purple Cow” for its unique nature and their daringness to be remarkable.

Each week the pair talk about the latest in WWE, relieve wrestling memories, field listener questions and talk a little football all with their natural ability to be delightfully humorous.

From first down to fourth down, Adam and Chuck entertain pro wrestling and football fans alike!

Radio stations interested in picking up the show and cashing in on synergy between pro football’s enormous popularity and massive marketing ability of pro wrestling are encouraged to inquire at http://4thandpain.com/add-4th-pain-to-your-lineup/.

This week’s show

Adam and Chuck make their picks for WWE Over The Limit and enter into stupid wager where the loser has to do some “Laroning” in a pink shirt. Carriker previously made “Laroning” famous by poking fun at former teammate LaRon Landry’s muscle pic on twitter (background: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/dc-sports-bog/post/adam-carriker-pays-tribute-to-laron-landrys-size/2012/02/27/gIQAPmu1dR_blog.html).

The pair also talked about WWE’s decision to expand RAW to three hours each week and fielded tackled the question of which wrestler could best quarterback the Redskins.

Check out the show: http://4thandpain.com/2012/05/4th-pain-wwe-over-the-limit-picks-3-hour-raw-best-wrestler-to-quarterback-redskins/


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About Adam Carriker

• Washington Redskins starting left defensive end
• First-round draft pick of St. Louis Rams (No. 13 overall) in 2007
• Played collegiately at Nebraska
• Known as strongest player on Redskins
• Touts himself as having “The Largest Arms on the D-Line”
• Lifelong WWE fan
• More: http://4thandpain.com/adam-carriker/

About Chuck Carroll

• Worked in Washington DC radio for 7 years (Producer / Side-kick)
• Member Pro Football Writers of America
• Lifelong WWE fan
• Went to wrestling training school
o Former WWE Diva Mickie James was in graduating class
o Performed as an announcer and ref on local shows for a few years
• More: http://4thandpain.com/chuck-carroll/