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BIG NEWS! Filsinger Games will be releasing a Limited Edition playing card as part of our Legends of Wrestling Card Game series!


Filsinger Games has announced that they will produce a playing card for wrestling legend Andre the Giant as part of their Legends of Wrestling Card Game series.

?We?re thrilled to have Andre the Giant in our game,? said owner Tom Filsinger. ?He’s one of the great icons of all time and his playing card will be awesome!?

Andre the Giant will be featured as a Limited Edition playing card which will be available on January 5, 2010 and possibly sooner. Andre’s playing card will be released with a new game expansion called Legends Partners which features playing cards for George ?the animal? Steele, Terry Gordy, Hillbilly Jim, Magnum T.A., and several others.

Legends of Wrestling Card Game is a cards and dice game featuring over a hundred wrestling stars. The introductory box set was released in 2003 and there have been nine expansions since that time with Legends Partners being the latest.

The game allows players to set up and run their own wrestling federation using their favorites from many eras in wrestling history.

?We?ve got everybody from Gorgeous George to Jimmy Snuka to Rob Van Dam. If you love wrestling you?ll love booking your own fed with these legends!? said Tom Filsinger.

Legends of Wrestling Card Game will also be available as an online simulation early in January.

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