Hannibal Pro Wrestling sent this in.

Former ECW star New Jack recently did an interview with RF video where he addressed Abdullah the Butchers alleged public allegations that he has AIDS by showing his clean blood work. He then challenged Abdullah The Butcher to do the same since he has been publicly saying his blood is clean for over a year and continues to say it as recently as in the current issues of the Atlantic monthly (one of the oldest magazines in the US).

Larry “Abdullah The Butcher” Shreve is involved in an ongoing lawsuit with Hannibal Pro Wrestling President Devon Nicholson stemming from a 2007 pro wrestling match where Nicholson believes he was cut with a Hep C infected razor blade by Shreve without his consent which is essentially assault with a deadly weapon since you cannot consent to death from a pro wrestling match and being cut with an unsanitary razor blade is beyond the normal risks of a match. Despite the video evidence Shreve denies cutting Nicholson and denies having Hep C. Shreve has yet to produce any evidence that he is not Hep C positive and has mounted an entire legal defence. Hep C now kills more people then AIDS and is the number 1 reason for liver transplants in the US.

Warning: Strong language.