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Rev Bob Levy and Ace Cruz on 11/24 TTRS
Last show we had on Samir Admed II & Darren Wyse. Check them out in the archives.
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@TNADixie Please hire Intntl Star KAGE. He is currently working Germany, Korea and in US and would make a great Addition to your roster

Ace Cruz – Film Maker Actor

He has had the success of several independent films. Outrage was, perhaps, his best to date. This Actor/film producer is gaining more fame and notoriety with each release. This week we talk to this critically acclaimed film producer after winning the International Film Fest “Best Sci-Fi” Picture. We will learn what it takes to make your way int the world of Hollywood.

Reverend Bob Levy Returns

As the “Killers Of Comedy Tour” winds down we bring back, we bring this comedian back on the show. His career is in full force as he travels the country entertaining and working some of the craziest people in the business. Check him out on the road or on Sirius Satellite Sunday nights on the Miserable Man Show

Tag Team Action Returns as the women have held the prestigious TTRS Football Titles two weeks in a row. Will this weekends games see them continue the title holds or will they come up short skirted?

No Show 12/1


Actress Catherine Black


Party Rangers

Sheik Ziballa

Bulldog Blanski


Chad Szeliga – Breaking Benjamin (Drummer)

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