Wrestleview Readers & Staff Predictions
TNA Bound for Glory Edition
October 14, 2012
Written by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com


Hello everyone and welcome to his month’s (the 1st of 2), predictions by the Wrestleview Readers & Staff. This time out, its time to predict the biggest show of the year for TNA. Bound for Glory.

I will be filling for Mister V, Anthony Valvo, who normally does these predictions. He will be back for WWE Hell in the Cell on October 28th.

The 2012-2013 Wrestleview Staff Standings (As of WWE Night of Champions)

1) Evan O’Brien (WV I-Desk Co-Host)……….81-30

2) Nick Gray (Independent Roundtable Co-Host)……………81-30

3) David Stephens (Dave’s Column/RAW Recapper/Teacher’s Lounge Co-Host)……..78-33

4) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/Teacher’s Lounge Co-Host)…….74-37

5) Wrestleview Readers (73-38)

6) Darragh O’Connor (WV I-Desk Co-Host)……72-39

7) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza/IMPACT Wrestling Recapper)……….71-35

8) Matt O’Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds/Wrestleview Polls)……….70-32

9) Greg McNeish (Wrestleview Telemundo Co-Host)…….70-33

10) Gregory Walek (WWE NXT Recapper)………….69-42

11) Jason Namako (ROH on Sinclair Recapper/Independent Roundtable Co-Host…………67-44

12) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)………33-15

13) Mike Tedesco (WWE Smackdown Recapper/Wrestleview Telemundo Co-Host…………31-9

14) Rocky Jimenez (WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recapper)……..5-0

  • Rocky is the newest member of the Predictions game. He is Wrestleview’s recapper for WWE Saturday Morning Slam.
  • Eve/Layla and CM Punk/John Cena did not count in the standings, leaving on five matches that counted.
  • Out of the staff, Evan O’Brien and Rocky Jimenez were the only staff members to score a perfect 5-0 record.
  • For Bound for Glory tonight, we will have three new SOTW. They are Wade Bradford, Michael Fox, and Ryan Rivera.
  • We had 16 sets of Predictions for Night of Champions and they averaged out a 3.93 wins. Based on Estimation, it estimated at a 4-1 record.

    (As of press time, still need predictions from Dave Stephens, Mike Tedesco, Jose Marrero).

    You guys can still send in your predictions to jason@wrestleview.com

    Predictions for TNA Bound for Glory 2012

    (Note: N/A means that a person’s picks are “not available” at the moment)

    Nick G. – Snow

    Evan O. – Joey Ryan

    Dave S. – N/A

    Anthony V. – Joey Ryan

    Josh B. – RYAN

    Darragh O. – Joey Ryan

    Greg M. – Joey Ryan

    Matt O. – Al Snow

    Grash – Joey Ryan

    Jason N. – Joey Ryan

    Jose M. – N/A

    Mike T. – N/A

    Rocky J. – Joey Ryan. Giving this one to Ryan as I would doubt they would build up this whole angle for them not to use Ryan again.

    Wade B. – Joey Ryan. The pornstaches collide! Joey Ryan’s the only semi-entertaining thing to come out of the catastrophic waste of time that is Gut Check. Ryan wins.

    Ryan R. – Joey Ryan

    Michael F. – Joey Ryan

    CONSENSUS: Ryan 11-1. The Wrestleview readers & staff are part of the 87% and want to see Sleaze legalized with Ryan earning himself a TNA contract tonight.

    Nick G. – Magnus

    Evan O. – Samoa Joe

    Dave S. – N/A.

    Anthony V. – SAMOA JOE

    Josh B. – JOE

    Darragh O. – Samoa Joe

    Greg M. – Magnus.

    Matt O. – Samoa Joe

    Grash – Samoa Joe

    Jason N. – Samoa Joe

    Jose M. – N/A.

    Mike T. – N/A.

    Rocky J. – Samoa Joe. Joe wins simply because I don’t really remember who Magnus is.

    Wade B. – Samoa Joe. This’ll probably be the first match in a series between these two. But, c’mon, Joe just won the title a couple weeks ago. He’s not losing it just yet. Joe retains the TV title.

    Ryan R. – Joe

    Michael F. – Samoa Joe

    CONSENSUS: Samoa Joe 11-2. Its almost unanimous that the staff & readers see the Samoan Submission Machine retain his title over his arrogant former partner.

    Nick G. – Tess

    Evan O. – Miss Tessmacher

    Dave S. – N/A.

    Anthony V. – TARA

    Josh B. – TARA

    Darragh O. – Tara

    Greg M. – Miss Tessmacher

    Matt O. – Tara

    Grash – Miss Tessmacher

    Jason N. – Tara

    Jose M. – N/A.

    Mike T. – N/A.

    Rocky J. – Miss Tessmacher

    Wade B. – Tara. The Hollywood boyfriend (probably some D-list “celebrity” TNA scraped from under the toenail of a reality show in the hopes of cheap ratings) interferes and gives his girl the title. Tara wins and becomes the champion of a paper-thin KO division.

    Ryan R. – Tessmacher

    Michael F. – Miss Tessmacher

    CONSENSUS: Tied at 5-5. The staff & readers are split down the middle in this match between teacher and student. Will Tara’s Hollywood Boyfriend be involved and lead to Tara’s 5th Knockout Title reign, or will a Tessshocker prove the difference for the champ to retain her title?

    Nick G. – Ion

    Evan O. – Zema Ion

    Dave S. – N/A.

    Anthony V. – ZEMA ION

    Josh B. – ION

    Darragh O. – Zema Ion

    Greg M. – Rob Van Dam

    Matt O. – RVD.

    Grash – Zema Ion

    Jason N. – Somehow, some way, I see RVD winning this.

    Jose M. – N/A.

    Mike T. – N/A.

    Rocky J. – Zema Ion. Who put Rob in the X Division? This is a stupid idea, but I’m sure it will be a good match. I see Ion winning, but I think we may have a surprise at the end.

    Wade B. – Ion. There’s no way RVD’s winning the title. If they continue with the “Ion injuring all of his opponents” storyline there’s a chance of a reverse decision, but I’m going with the safe pick. Ion retains the X-title.

    Michael F. – Zema Ion.

    CONSENSUS: Ion 9-3. Its clear here as the readers & staff see Ion’s new serious edge being the difference against the veteran Van Dam.

    Nick G. – FALLEN KAZ

    Evan O. – Daniels & Kazarian

    Dave S. – N/A.

    Anthony V. – CHAVO & SUPER MEX

    Josh B. – DANIELS & KAZ

    Darragh O. – Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

    Greg M. – Daniels & Kazarian.

    Matt O. – Styles & Angle

    Grash – Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero Jr.

    Jason N. – Styles & Angle

    Jose M. – N/A.

    Mike T. – N/A.

    Rocky J. – Chavo & Hernandez. They have been pushing Chavo and Hernandez hard, so I think they give them the straps.

    Wade B. – Chavo & Hernandez. The only team that actually needs the titles right now to establish their credibility is Guerrero and Hernandez. The other two teams are just fine without them. Guerrero and Hernandez win the tag titles.

    Ryan R. – Kaz & Daniels

    Michael F. – Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

    CONSENSUS: Kaz & Daniels 6, Chavo & Hernandez 5, Styles & Angle 2. While most don’t see the dream team of TNA regaining the gold, its nearly split down the middle with our readers & staff if the champs retain or if the new Mexican duo wins the gold.

    Nick G. – Storm

    Evan O. – Bobby Rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooode

    Dave S. – N/A.

    Anthony V. – JAMES STORM

    Josh B. – STORM

    Darragh O. – Bobby Roode

    Greg M. – James Storm.

    Matt O. – James Storm

    Grash – James Storm

    Jason N. – James Storm

    Jose M. – N/A.

    Mike T. – N/A.

    Rocky J. – Bobby Roode. Have a feeling King Mo may bet involved and helps Roode win

    Wade B. – James Storm. As much as TNA’s hyped King Mo, I don’t think the heel’s gonna win the first PPV match he’s involved in. Storm wins and finally gets his revenge on Roode, probably setting up some kind of program with Roode and Mo.

    Ryan R. – James Storm.

    Michael F. – James Storm

    CONSENSUS: Storm 10-3. The feeling is Storm finally gets his win on Roode and that somehow, King Mo will get involved. The question though is, in what way?


    Evan O. – Aces and Eights

    Dave S. – N/A.

    Anthony V. – ACES AND EIGHTS.

    Josh B. – ACES & 8s

    Darragh O. – Aces and Eights

    Greg M. – Aces & Eights

    Matt O. – Sting and Ray

    Grash – Aces and Eights

    Jason N. – Aces and Eights.

    Jose M. – N/A.

    Mike T. – N/A.

    Rocky J. – Aces and Eights. A&8 will take this one, and I see Ray being involved somehow.

    Wade B. – Aces and Eights. Well, gee, I wonder if Bully Ray’s with Aces & 8’s, because I was born just yesterday. Park’s probably with them, too. And Bischoff is El Presidente. Sting’s gonna get destroyed ten times over. Aces & 8’s wins in a rout.

    Ryan R. – Sting and Bully Ray

    Michael F. – Aces and Eights

    CONSENSUS: Aces & Eights 11-2. Almost all the readers & staff see the Sons of Anarchy like biker gang winning and receiving full access to TNA going forward. The question is, who SWERVEY SWERVES?

    Nick G. – Aries

    Evan O. – Aries

    Dave S. – N/A.

    Anthony V. – Hardy

    Josh B. – Hardy

    Darragh O. – Aries

    Greg M. – Jeff Hardy.

    Matt O. – Aries

    Grash – Aries

    Jason N. – Hardy

    Jose M. – N/A.

    Mike T. – N/A.

    Rocky J. – Aries. I don’t care what Hardy has been doing, after all he has done, you can’t really put a big strap on him anymore. Besides, Austin seems to be doing a great job as champ.

    Wade B. – Aries. TNA is blatantly trying to turn Aries into their version of CM Punk. And, apparently, he’s turned full-blown heel, thanks to all the sheep in Orlando cheering for Hardy. I’ve got Aries retaining the title. God, I hope so. The thought of Hardy as champion makes me queasy.

    Ryan R. – Aries.

    Michael F. – Hardy

    CONSENSUS: Aries 8-5. While some see the Charismatic Enigma becoming TNA Champion for a 3rd time, most see the Greatest Man That Ever Lived continue his reign as the champ in his quest to better than Jeff Hardy.

    Well, that will do it for the predictions column this time out. Mr. V will be back in 2 weeks for Hell in the Cell. Be sure to check out Mike Tedesco & Dave Stephens, who will recap the Bound for Glory PPV on the Wrestleview Radio Network after the show goes off the air for Wrestleview VIPs. If you are not one, sign up today, only $4.99 a month! vip.wrestleview.com

    Until next time, in the words of Mister V, you folks are…………….DISMISSED!