Dory Funk sent this in.

!BANG! TV Report – 10 Bell Salute – A Tribute to Mike and Eddie Graham

Eddie Graham was a friend of my father, Dory Funk Sr., I first met Eddie when I was in high school. He worked the Amarillo Territory using the name Rip Rogers. He was a close friend of my father, Dory Funk Sr. and often came to our home and would train with me with weights and on the wrestling mat that covered the 2 car space in our garage on my father’s Flying Mare Ranch.

Eddie and my father learned the wrestling business together building credibility in their profession. Dory Funk Sr. was a former Superintendant and contributor to Texas Boy’s Ranch. When Eddie came to Florida and purchased the wrestling business He became a supporter and contributor to Florida Sheriff’s Boy’s Ranch.

I knew Mike Graham as a young boy who loved wrestling and weight training. At the age of 11, Mike was an accomplished scuba diver and amateur wrestler. Young Mike Graham would take on all comers to see if they had the skill and credibility to become a professional wrestler.

From Funking Conservatory Wrestling a 10 Bell Salute to Mike and Eddie Graham –