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Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for March 16, 2010

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For 2010 SMV will focus on a different independent wresting promotion each month. As part of our promotion of the month all products from the promotion will be reduced by 25% for the entire month. March’s promotion of the month is ISW. For more information about ISW please check out their website at:

ISW’s Upcoming Events:
April 3 “Slamtasia 3” – Danbury, CT

Chikara DVD February 28, 2010 “A World Of Comforting Illusion” – Pottsville, PA $20.00
1. The Unstable vs. The Throwbacks
2. Brodie Lee vs. Green Ant
3. Daizee Haze & Sara Del Ray vs. Hallowicked & Frightmare
4. Claudio Castagnoli & Ares vs. The Badd Boyz vs. Osirian Portal vs. Super Smash Bros.
5. Gran Akuma vs. Eddie Kingston
6. Tursas, Tim Donst, Lince Dorado & Pink Ant vs. Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Helios & Equinox
7. Order Of The Neo-Solar Temple vs. The Colony
8. Bonus Material: Podcasts 187-188

Chikara DVD February 27, 2010 “The Mint Condition” – Reading, PA $20.00
1. Lince Dorado, Pink Ant & Daizee Haze vs. The Colony
2. Delirious vs. Player Dos
3. F.I.S.T. & The Badd Boyz vs. Osirian Portal, Frightmare & Hallowicked
4. Claudio Castagnoli & Ares vs. The Throwbacks
5. Player Uno vs. Tim Donst
6. Tursas vs. Eddie Kingston
7. The Unstable & Brodie Lee vs. Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Helios & Equinox
8. Bonus Material: Podcasts 185-186

Chikara DVD May 25 & 31, 2002 “The Renaissance Dawns” – Allentown, PA $20.00
This special DVD release features the first two Chikara events ever held with new commentary from Mike Quackenbush & Bryce Remsburg.
May 25, 2002
1. Mister ZERO vs. Dragonfly
2. Hallowicked & Ichabod Slayne vs. Marshal Law & Love Bug
3. Zane Madrox vs. Kid Kruel
4. UltraMantis vs. Blind Rage
5. CM Punk & Colt Cabana & Chris Hero vs. Mike Quackenbush & Reckless Youth & Don Montoya
May 31, 2002
1. Blind Rage vs. Love Bug
2. Marshal Law vs. Brock Singleton
3. Mister ZERO vs. UltraMantis
4. Matt Vandal vs. Zane Madrox
5. Mike Quackenbush & Reckless Youth & Don Montoya vs. Blind Rage & Hallowicked & Ichabod Slayne

AAW DVD February 27, 2010 “Bloody Valentine ’10” – Berwyn, IL $15.00
1. Zero Gravity & Krotch vs. The Chan Clan & Mason Beck
2. Jay Bradley vs. Michael Elgin
3. Shane Hollister vs. Ryan Boz
4. The Irish Airborne vs. The Hybrids
5. 2 Out of 3 Falls – Arik Cannon vs. Colt Cabana
6. MsChif vs. Darin Corbin
7. Silas Young vs. Shane Hollister
8. Tyler Black & Jimmy Jacobs vs. The Phoenix Twins vs. The House of Truth

Insane Championship Wrestling DVD Jan. 29 & Feb. 26, 2010 – Milwaukee, WI $15.00
This DVD release features two complete shows from ICW. Both shows are shot with 1 camera.
Insane Championship Wrestling January 29, 2010 “JCW Live!!!” – Milwaukee, WI
1. Dr.X vs. Ninja Bill
2. Insane Battle Royal
3. Matt Winchester vs. Steve Stone
4. The Thomaselli Brothers vs. Ego Trip
5. Corporal Robinson vs. Trevor Gibbson
6. Chase McCoy vs. Justin Dredd
7. Mickey McCoy vs. Troy Walters vs. Prince Mustafa Ali
8. Dysfunction & Corporal Robinson vs. The Entourage

Insane Championship Wrestling Feb. 26, 2010 “Destiny IV” – Milwaukee, WI
1. Perfection vs. Steve Stone & Carter Dunn
2. Kody Rice & TW3 vs. Dr.X & Rocky Kisses
3. Tyler Baggins vs. Ninja Bill
4. Dysfuntion vs. Mickey McCoy
5. Chris Black vs. Ashton Vuitton
6. Bobby V vs. Justin Dredd
7. Ego Trip vs. The New Canadian Foundation
8. Chase McCoy vs. Troy Walters

SDW DVD “Pro Wrestling Stars, Before The Big Time” $15.00
Take a trip back in time and re-live some of the greatest moments and the greatest wrestling talent ever showcased in Steel Domain Wrestling, that has since progressed to the world-wide pro wrestling scene
1. Austin Aries vs. Shawn Daivari
2. Lenny Lane w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Ken Anderson
3. Derek St. Holmes vs. Colt Cabana
4. Magnus Maximus vs. Lenny Lane
5. O.D.B. vs. Ken Anderson
6. Lenny Lane vs. Austin Aries
7. Tables, Ladders & Chairs: “Sexy”Ace Steel w/ Mortimer Plumtree vs. CM Punk

IWA East Coast March 17 – Nitro, WV
Chikara March 20 – Easton, PA
Chikara March 21 – Fairfield, CT
CZW March 27 – Indianapolis, IN