WrestleView Championship Wrestling (WVCW)

The next WrestleView Championship Wrestling (WVCW) event “Survivor Series” will be taking place later this month on Sunday, November 29 featuring our unique roster of WrestleView.com VIP members.

Below is the official card for the event. Voting is now open for two matches on the card to determine the first ever WVCW Tag Team Champions and a triple threat to determine a new #1 contender for the WVCW World Championship currently held by Santo Loco.

Results will be read on this coming Monday’s edition of “Wrestling News Live” on Monday, November 9.

WVCW presents “Survivor Series 2009”

1st Match: Curtain Jerk
3 Way Dance
Johnny “6-pack” James vs. Zack Clark vs. “Hardcore” Shawn Waltman.

2nd Match:
6 Man Elimination tag match (Traditional Survivor Series match)
“Thunder” Hernandez, CJ Bowman& Darragh O’Conner vs. Pillman9MM, “Dastardly” Doug Lackey & “Mad” Mike Siciliano.

3rd Match:
To determine the first ever WVCW Tag Team Champions
Flair16Time & Shin Sensei vs “The I.R.A.” Evan O’Brien & Patrick Hooligan

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WVCW Tag Team Championships: Choose the stipulation
Ladder match Tables match TLC match   

4th Match:
Triple Threat #1 Contendership match
Mase vs. Tenacious Snake vs. One Man X

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#1 Contendership for WVCW Title: Choose the stipulation
Falls Count Anywhere Steel Cage Normal match   

5th Match:
To determine first ever WVCW Intercontinental Champion
6 Man Battle Royal
Crelly vs. MR.DJ vs. The Hef vs. Angel of Azrael vs. Kabuki 360 vs. Phil Hart

6th Match:
Semi-Main Event
Adam’s “A” Listers (Adam Martin, Hunter Golden & Tom Van Stone) vs. The Dawg’s Den (Trey Dawg, JSK & mystery partner)

7th Match:
Main Event
WVCW World Heavyweight Championship
No DQ match
“The Luchadore” Santo Loco (Champion) vs. “The Canadian Horseman” Justice Creed

Put your votes in now! Results will be read this Monday (November 9) during “Wrestling News Live” with JJ Sexay.

Updated WVCW Roster

1. Zack Clark
2. Crelly
3. DTA2US (Angel of Azrael)
4. Santo Loco
5. “The Canadian Horseman” Justice Creed
6. Mase
7. One Man X
8. Kabuki 360
9. Evan O”Brien
10. Patrick Hooligan (Sean John)
11. Flair16Time
12. Shin Sensei
13. MR.DJ
14. The Hef
15. Tenacious Snake
16. Phil Hart
17. Adam “The Muffin Man” Martin
18. Trey Dawg
19. JSK
20. “The Power” Andy Knowles
21. “Dastardly” Doug Lackey
22. “The King” Hunter Golden
23. Tom Van Stone
24. JJ$exay
25. “Mad” Mike Siciliano
26. “Thunder” Hernandez
27. “Hardcore” Shawn Waltman
28. Johnny”6-pack” James
29. Darragh O”Conner
30. Pillman9MM
31. CJ Bowman

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