Terry Funk opens new website

Pro wrestling legend Terry Funk has opened up a new website at www.therealterryfunk.com. The website includes a series of Q and A videos with Funk with more updates to come.

Mick Foley gives positive review for wrestling themed book

The following was sent to Wrestleview.com.

WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley has called Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Vol. 2 “A must-read for any wrestling fan, and a should-read for any adventurous fan of crime-fiction.”

Vol. 2 is the follow-up crime novel set in the US pro-wrestling territories in the 1970’s. The first book in the series became a No. 1 bestseller in both Amazon US and Amazon UK. On launch day, Vol. 2 did the same.

Joining O’Brien in Belfast, Foley said:

“There’s only two great wrestling novels out there. And Paul O’Brien has written them both.”

Foley, himself a five time New York Times bestselling author continued:

“Last year I read and loved Blood Red Turns Dollar Green, and with Vol. 2 Paul has done it again! But this time, he’s done it even better. With sharply drawn characters that any wrestling fan will feel like they know, and non-fans will wish they did, O’Brien’s second journey into the world of 1970’s territorial wrestling depends less on wrestling action, and more on the surreal scenarios that his cast of wrestling misfits – noble and seedy, loyal and cut-throat, confident and desperate – provide him. Give it a try, and see if the name Shane “Sugarstick” Montrose doesn’t stay with you for a while. A must-read for any wrestling fan, and a should-read for any adventurous fan of crime-fiction.”

O’Brien, already a longtime playwright, chose the world of wrestling for a few specific reasons.

“I’m a hardcore wrestling fan. I have been for over twenty-five years. And I’m also a writer. I just wanted to marry the two. And I didn’t see anyone else doing it,” the author said. “Back then you had a cash business that you had to be ‘broken’ in to. Every territory was sacred to the owner of that particular area. There was a chain of command and levels of secrecy, depending on how high up you were. It all sounded very ‘organised’ to me. In a fictional sense of course. So that was the road I wanted to go down.”

Indeed, the Hardcore Legend called Blood Red Turns Dollar Green, “The Godfather with Suplexes.”

But not only have the novels reached wrestling fans but the crime world also took note, with Spinetingler Magazine naming Blood Red Turns Dollar Green as one of their ‘Best Crime Fiction’ novels of 2012.

“The first book took a year to become a No. 1 wrestling novel in the US and UK. I’m thrilled that Vol. 2 took just a couple of hours to do the same. Now, I know both books will slide up and down those charts, but it’s really humbling for me to see my books in there with Mick’s, Bret Hart’s and Jericho’s. It’s a dream come true for me.”

You can get both novels on Amazon, or visit www.paulobrien.info for further details.