New DVD looking at WWE in 1994 with Sean Waltman

Kayfabe Commentaries has come out with a new DVD as part of their “Timeline WWE” series, looking at the year 1994 with former WWE star, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman. You can view a video preview of the DVD below.

Tommy Dreamer on being robbed while flying on Delta Airlines

Tommy Dreamer has written online about being robbed of over $1300 between money and personal belongings while flying recently on Delta Airlines. Dreamer was flying home after working an indy event in Mississippi and was asked to check his carry-on bag because the plane was too small. When Dreamer got off the flight and got his carry-on bag, someone had broken into it and taken money and personal belongings of his totaling over $1300. Dreamer has since reached out to Delta Airlines about what happened but has said they are giving him the runaround. You can read Dreamer’s full post about this situation by clicking here.