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Kage, Steve Blackman & Solie Book on 11/03 TTRS
Last show we had on a Tribute to Mildred Burke. Check it out in the archives.
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Steve Blackman

Former WWE Superstar comes to our show after many years of seeking him. He is the real deal when it comes to MMA. He has his own Fighting academy and they are showcasing their talen this weekend in the Harrisburg PA area. Check out this week as he tells us about the evolution of his sport.


He is an International Wrestler who is now working regularly in Germany. He also is one of the people we travel to many of the shows with. We have watched him mature in this business and gain alot of steam. What is next for him?

Help get Kage into TNA by Twittering a request to Dixie Carter

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@TNADixie Please hire Intntl Star KAGE. He is currently working Germany, Korea and in US and would make a great Addition to your roster

New Gordon Solie book

He is a legend in this sport and even years after his passing his daughter has released a second book called “The Solie Chronicles”. This week we find out more about this book. He was instrumental and maybe one of the greatest play-by-play guys in the business. He wasn’t called the “Dean” for nothing.

The Solie Chronicles

Tag Team Football

What is it? How gdoes it work? If you heard last weeks first segment we talk about a ne way to play football picks with people who dont follow football. This week is the results of last weeks picks.


Bulldog Blanski

Samir Ahmed II

Axl Rotten

Darren Wyse

Jim Florentine – Crank Yankers


Chad Szeliga – Breaking Benjamin (Drummer)

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