Updates on Low Ki/Senshi, Jim Cornette writes new book

Update on Low Ki and his status in the wrestling business

According to a report by Dave Meltzer, Brandon “Low Ki/Senshi” Sylvestry has been telling promoters that have contacted him for bookings that he is now retired. Sylvestry is now said to be getting into voice over work. At one point he was in talks with All Japan, but reportedly requested a huge guarantee and All Japan backed off. Sylvestry has said he’d be open to making a return to wrestling if it was with a “major group.”

[Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

Jim Cornette update following his ROH exit

Jim Cornette has reportedly dropped from 248 pounds to 205 since leaving Ring of Honor and continues to appear at conventions in the Kentucky area. He also just finished a book about pro wrestling that will be available in August. Cornette worked on the book with Memphis historian Mark James.

[Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter]