toonamil sent this in:

I happened to catch the wrestling-themed episode of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” and here’s what happened: After watching a Hogan match, the guys decide to do a show for the troops. They hire Da’Maniac (played by Roddy Piper) to wrestle them at the show for a cheap price, but they realize he might be insane, so they hire someone else to fight him instead.

After Piper’s character is arrested for unpaid parking tickets, they decide to wrestle themselves as “The Birds of War.” They’re supposed to be eagles, but their suits are more like chicken-like. They fight their opponent, The Taliban, who throws sand in two of the guys while the other leaves. Danny Devito’s character attacks The Taliban with a trashcan (under his proposed gimmick, The Trashman), but ends up cutting the guy’s neck on one of the edges.

As he sees the carnage around the ring, he raises his arms in the air while ‘Real American’ plays in the background. Pretty funny episode, which Piper did a great job in the episode too.

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