Chris Yandek sent this statement in from Jake “The Snake” Roberts:

Something to say and get all of you to re-think how wonderful and exciting the opportunities must be for Jake “the snake” Roberts, and others, who have gained a status of star notoriety.

As hard as it may seem, its not as glorious as you might think. Yes, I know, one must take the good with the bad. Let me just say, I’ve always loved the wrestling, the fans, even the “smart” marks (because they are the easiest) the hecklers, not the stalkers, and believe it or not, those who claim not to be fans. Yet in the end, they kill that themselves, by recognizing you, talking to you about your matches, and even saying they don’t watch that phoney crap, but hey, their kids sure would like an autograph.
Truth is, that is where the blessings end, because the rest of it has nothing to do with love, art, or respect. The issue that sucks about this business, is having to deal with so-called wanna be promoters. And the rest who I based the poem “Thieves of Dreams” on. What happens is simple. Once you become a high profile “product” every con, book company, toy company, sewer company, and even football players will rape and steal from something you’ve worked your whole life on. Don’t get me wrong, I know a promotion puts you on television to help make you that star. But Christ, talent does have something to do with it.

Bottom line, a fair days work should receive a fair days pay. And it has been my mistake in the past not to value my sel-worth. That is my own fault.

But the ones that really bite my butt are the slick, greasy, gritty, silver tongued bottom feeders that seem to find me wherever I go, and I’m really sure find others as well. They will go to extremes to con you in, rip you off, and use your name to steal from others. Such as investors, or other talent, and most of all,you, the public. No I’m not talking about wrestling promoters that false advertise you, these are much bigger fish. In the past I’ve cringed, thrown up, and screamed in disgust, in private. Almost too ashamed to admit that I’ve bitten and swallowed that hook, again.

Here’s something else I want to do for all those that read what I have to say. Be aware, don’t believe anything you hear, and only one-half of what you see. Sad to say, but if it seems like a good deal, RUN. At least, in my experience, here is an example.

I received an offer included is a script for a movie, a contract, many conversations back and forth, and promises of more to come. I was courted at a very intense level for my participation in this, and future, projects. As the day got closer for the project to begin, they even sought my advice on characters in the film. More than glad to help. I even got confirmation of airline tickets. Not only for myself, but for my business manager. Was even told the location they had contracted was being difficult (OVW in Louisville, KY) and wanted alternatives for the next project, and even tried to steal my business manager to help with those projects. At this point, kind of wonder if OVW was even involved. Do know for a fact that another talent was left in the same ship sailing to no-where, my friend Al Snow. As the day approached, one phone number no longer worked, the other one simply not answered. Panic time, I didn’t want to admit it, but my damned business manager smelled the rat, chased the rat, and wound up with nothing even close to cheese. Flight had been cancelled, no form of communication answered, so yes, I got bit. And they call me a damned snake? In closing, out of my sincere love for my fellow talent and for the fan and even investors, if you see these phone numbers and addresses and names that I’m about to lay out, please understand, I’m not asking you to call them, that would be rude, and the last thing I’d want to do is make them uncomfortable, or annoyed…..even they deserve peace, and they’ll only get it when they’re dead.

Thanks for all.

Shawn Cain Rabbit Hole Production phone 360-632-9790 OR 360-632-9290 both listed, but….

350 Burlington Blvd no town offered

also…Shawn Cain Films aka Down the Rabbit Whole Films 887 Illahee Dr. Oak Harbor WA 98277 OR Wa 98233, who the hell knows… email

Another real prince of the world.

JWhite (real name unknown works in Atlanta as a promoter we think..) email
ph number 678-489-2786 and 404-409-5406

P.S. Suggest colon cleansing for the above people because they are full of it. This is not a warning, this is a promise. Should you choose to advertise my name at an event which I am not involved in, know this. I will simply call the local authorities and have you prosecuted for fraud. And the great thing is, it won’t cost me a nickel, but it will damned sure cost you, AND stop you. I know I can’t be all places at once, but myspacers are, my fans, my friends, so please if you see me advertised for anything, please just ask US. If you are the first to report, you will be rewarded, should it be a false booking.


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