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Why MDA is so near and dear to her heart and the importance of keeping the memory of her mother Betty (who passed away five years ago from ALS) alive today: “MDA is near and dear to my heart, because my mom was diagnosed with ALS in 2007. She passed away in 2008. It is one of those diseases where there is no cure. It is something that MDA is working on really hard. I founded ‘Betty’s Battle’ in honor of my mother with MDA, so we can work towards finding a cure, so some day families won’t have to go through this.”

How Betty’s Battle, the foundation she started in her mother’s honor, has grown through the years and the message she wants to send out to those who are impacted with this disease: “It is growing with MDA, because it is all I’ve done with MDA. We wanted something that was specific to ALS. because MDA covers over 50 diseases. It has grown along with MDA, because MDA continues to grow. It continues to be such a great organization that makes great strides.”

WWE’s involvement in supporting the MDA, the possibilities of her teaming up once again with World Wrestling Entertainment in the foreseeable future, and which WWE Pay-Per-View we might see her at next year: “They (the WWE) are always so great in saying ‘What can we do to support you?’ Ironically, ever since that year I talked to you guys (in 2009), they have been involved with MDA ever since. They have been there to support and help out with social media. The great thing is that they didn’t only do it one year. As soon as they got on board, they continued doing it for the years after. We are always looking to do something. They’ve asked me to come out for SummerSlam and promote Betty’s Battle.”

All of this is featured in Nancy’s exclusive Monday Night Mayhem interview, including her candid thoughts on her commitment to Betty’s Battle, how MDA has changed her pursuit of getting more information on ALS, staying in touch with WWE Champion Randy Orton through the years, what it will be like for her to host the Hollywood Film Awards for the third time this fall, what fans can expect when taking in the telecast, plus much more! For more information on how you can get involved in Nancy’s favorite charities, log on to Nancy’s official website (located at, or follow her on Twitter (at Mayhem Nation: We encourage you to collectively “make a muscle” all weekend long. Tune into ABC this Sunday night (beginning at 9PM ET/8PM CT), and donate to the MDA “Show of Strength” Telethon. Help find a cure for muscle diseases, and use your power to make a difference!