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Florida State House Candidate Specializes in Keeping Money in Taxpayers? Pockets

— Hillsborough County residents enjoyed largest ad valorem tax cut in county history —

Tampa, FL ? Florida State House candidate Brian Blair keeps it simple when it comes to talking about his accomplishments as a Hillsborough County Commissioner.

?Tax cuts. Fiscal responsibility. And not taking no for an answer too easily,? Blair said recently as he spoke of his qualifications for the Florida State House seat that he seeks in 2010.

Blair served as County Commissioner for District 6 from 2004-08, and in that time frame his accomplishments shared the underlying theme of saving taxpayers money and being persistent.

On Blair’s watch, the county achieved its largest ad valorem tax cut in its history, part of a four-year term which resulted in a savings for taxpayers of over a billion dollars per year.

The list of money-saving measures is impressive: Cutting the storm water tax (saving taxpayers about $300 million); saving $100,000 in sidewalk repairs; opposing cable television fee increases; promoting a Florida Tax Watch audit of county budget and policies; and various other measures designed to create more fiscal accountability when it comes to county government.

All that, plus Blair was instrumental in helping to broker a deal that resulted in hundreds of new, sheltered bus stops being built?after initially being told that it couldn?t be done without spending a lot of money.

?It’s easy to say something can?t be done,? Blair said, ?because it doesn?t take much effort to say no. But it’s amazing what you can do, what money you can save, if you commit yourself to being fiscally responsible,? he added.

Blair, a Republican, announced in August that he was seeking the State House seat for District 47, which includes portions of Hillsborough County and will be vacated by fellow Republican Kevin Ambler in 2010. Ambler is term limited and is running for State Senate.

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Brian Blair lives in Tampa with his wife, Toni. The Blairs have been married for 23 years and have two children?Brett, 17, and Bradley, 14.

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