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Jim Ross Previews WWE Bragging Rights PPV/Returning To The Western New York Area, Discusses His WWE Future/TNA Rumors (And Missing SmackDown Last Tuesday), Matt Hardy’s Recent Twitter/MySpace Comments, If He Sees Booker T Returning To The WWE, How Much Of An Impact He Sees “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson/Nigel McGuinness Having, & His Memories Of The Late Captain Lou Albano

WWE Hall Of Famer & the voice of WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown, Jim Ross, was the special guest on this weekend’s edition (10/16/09) of Monday Night Mayhem (presented by, hosted by The Big Mosh, Blade, & “The Chairman Of The Board” Todd Vincent. You can feel The Mayhem live & in streaming audio every Monday night (at 8PM ET/7PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,, &

JR’s return to The Mayhem (as part of the “MNM Fall Tour ’09”) is now available for free in Windows Streaming Media, or via The Mayhem’s official Podcast on ITunes:

Jim Ross/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Streaming Audio):

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Here are some of the highlights of JR’s exclusive interview, provided by The Mayhem’s official correspondent, Paterson From New Jersey:

We promised you some surprises as part of the “Fall Tour ’09” of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio.” As World Wrestling Entertainment gears up for the Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View, as well as the company’s return to the Western New York area (Buffalo & Rochester), who else better than WWE Hall Of Famer & the voice of WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown, Jim Ross, to step inside the MNM squared circle.

JR thanked The Big Mosh, Blade, “The Chairman Of The Board” Todd Vincent for the return back to The Mayhem’s airwaves. After missing last week’s SmackDown tapings in Lexington, KY, the internet has been swirling with speculation about if this could mean “trouble in paradise” between him & the WWE. JR wished to clear up any speculation once & for all. “Yeah, I guess it was a slow news week. Every 16 years, you ask for a TV taping off, and it was a big weak for us for my wife & I (their 16th wedding anniversary). I’ll be back at work next week (in Columbia, SC), and it’s not a big deal. But everything is good. I enjoyed the time off, and I’m excited to get back to work.”

Next Sunday night will see the first-ever Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View from Pittsburgh, PA. The highlight of the event will see a 60-Minute, Anything Goes Iron Man Match between Randy Orton & John Cena for the WWE Championship. JR was asked about the PPV & what fans should expect from the show. “I think it should be an interesting show. Of course, the Cena/Orton match is going to be an hour, being an old-school like that. Those guys have a long-standing rivalry, and it looks as if it’s coming to an end. If it is being able to perform for an hour, that really gives those guys the opportunity to make their mark even more so than they already have.”

Back in the late ’90’s, JR was credited with the upswing the WWE experienced, due to his eye for talent & signing guys that brought “The Attitude Era” to the WWE. JR was asked by “The Chairman Of The Board” Todd Vincent about the new match of stars that he sees headlining WrestleMania in a few years. “I think the WWE has done a solid job of creating a nice young nucleus that’s on the cusp of moving to the next level. There’s several gyts that I enjoy watching do their thing. I think John Morrison has a good upside & so does Dolph Ziggler as well. I need to see more of guys like (Drew) McIntyre, (Mike) Knox, & some of those individuals. I think they have some potential without question. I think RAW has some good talent. I like Jack Swagger…he’s getting closer. I think The Miz is a very prolific antagonist, and his persona is very easy to dislike. I like Sheamus…he’s got a good upside. There are a lot of guys that I enjoy watching aspects of their game…It’s just a matter of getting more experience & opportunities. And somewhere along the way, you are going to see guys back through.”

The Matt Hardy news mill is still running regarding the cryptic Twitter & MySpace messages from several weeks ago. Blade asked JR about a possible crackdown on Internet usage for the WWE superstars & Matt’s future on SmackDown. “I can’t speak for WWE, and I don’t know how to Twitter. So, I don’t know what they are doing to do on that. I think anybody, whether it is in the NBA, NFL, WWE, or anywhere, you don’t want anybody communicating to the outside world in a negative or disgruntled fashion, if that’s the case. About the SmackDown superstar: “I think Matt has great potential…He’s had it for a long time. He’s come close to getting over the hump, and it seems like to thing or another deletes that. A lot of it is bad luck. I’ve always had confidence in Matt Hardy’s abilities, and I think the WWE has confidence in him as well.”

Two of JR’s former broadcasting colleagues, Taz & Mick Foley, left World Wrestling Entertainment for TNA Wrestling, and the latest news being speculated on is former five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion & Main Event Mafia Member, Booker T, could be making a return to the WWE at the end of his current contract. Does JR see Booker returning back to World Wrestling Entertainment? “I haven’t talked to Booker since he left the WWE. I think he is a good guy, and I’ve known him for years. I don’t know what WWE’s thoughts are about Booker T coming back or not. Now obviously, if he’s healthy, if he’s motivated, and he could manage the travel schedule at his stage of the game. I think he could be an asset.”

JR has come around the Western New York area throughout his WWE career, and World Wrestling Entertainment is returning to Buffalo & Rochester next week for the first set of TV tapings for RAW, ECW, & SmackDown after Sunday’s Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View. Mosh asked JR about his memories of the area & working there. “I came to buffalo with the (Atlanta) Falcons one year & did the sideline reporting in a sleet storm, which was not overly pleasant, but the Bills killed the Falcons. When I go to Rochester, I always think of Gorilla Monsoon, because he was from there, and he always talked fondly about his upbringing there.” JR also added his memories of the world-famous Ilio DiPaolo’s Restaurant in the Buffalo area, which was opened up by the famous grappler in the mid ’60’s, which is still owned & operated today by Ilio’s son, Dennis.

The absence of JR from SmackDown brought up questions regarding his contract status with the WWE & what his future holds…Could that include TNA? JR cleared up the situation exclusively on The Mayhem. “There’s no contractual issue with me. I just have to redo a deal. I have to come to terms on a contract, and I feel like it’ll be done. But if it isn’t done, I don’t need a telethon or a career eulogy. I’ve had a wonderful run; 35 years in the business…Are you kidding me? I’m a fan, I’m still a fan.”

Former WWE Head Of Security & The Mayhem’s very own Jimmy Noonan (of MNM’s “Noonan Speaks”) joined the interview & broke the proverbial bread with JR, whom he worked with for years in the WWE. Noonan brought up the “Class Of 2002,” which featured names like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Batista, & others. He went on to ask JR about this time as a special time of wrestling, due to this special group of guys, and if we are seeing the “end of an era” with some of today’s stars drawing a close to their careers. “I think that was a special group, and our department was very fortunate in recruiting & getting those guys trained.” He continued, “It may be the closing of one era, but the business has been so resilient over decade over decade. You just have to reload. You have to recruit quality human beings that are athletic & charismatic and want to be in the business. If it is the closing of one chapter, we just have to start writing a new one.”
More is contained in his exclusive hour-long interview with Jim Ross on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network, as JR gives his candid thoughts & comments on the passing of the late Captain Lou Albano, the upcoming arrivals of “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson & Nigel McGuinness from Ring Of Honor, his thoughts on the current WWE travel schedule, & even some Oklahoma Sooners football. Truly one for the records, as “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio” gives one of the most in-depth interviews from JR you will ever hear. Log onto JR’s official website (located at, and check out JR’s weekly blogs…required reading for any wrestling fan. While surfing the site, be sure to purchase some of the great products available, including JR’s original BBQ Sauce, Chipolte Ketchup, & 97% Fat-Free Beef Jerky.

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