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Tribute to Lou Albano, Monty Python Tribute, Ref Tonya Stevens on 10/20 TTRS

Last show we had on a Special Spiritual Show. Check them out in the archives.

Tune into this Tuesday’s show at 7 PM EST and ask your questions in the live chat.

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Ref Tonya Stevens

She is one of the best refs, in my humble opinion, in the indy circuit today. She has travelled far and wide and has had many opportunities to ref some top legends and some top matches. This week we will find out more about her life between the ropes and about the business.

Tribute to Captain Lou Albano

He is a true legend and last week we lost him. He was one of the innovators of “How to Manage” in wrestling and was instrumental in the growth of the WWF with Cyndi Lauper. He was also the voice of Mario and worked in movies as well. This week we bring back on “Agent to the Stars” Bobby Reidel to pay tribute to this special man.

Monty Python Tribute

This is the 50 year anniverary of the worlds greatest British Comedy Troupe as we will play some of their bits between Interviews. Also this week, Sirius/XM Radio has a 24 Hour channel dedicated to thier skits.



Gordon Solie Book


Bulldog Blanski

Samir Ahmed II

Axl Rotten

Darren Wyse

Jim Florentine – Crank Yankers


Chad Szeliga – Breaking Benjamin (Drummer)

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