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Recap of Leilani Kai on In Your Head Wrestling Radio, 01/22/2014
by Vic Schiavone

Host Jack E. Jones welcomed legendary ladies wrestler Leilani Kai to IYH Wrestling Radio.

Highlights included the following:

What was the build-up like for you for your match in WrestleMania I? Could you see how big this was going to be?

“I didn’t really realize it at first. I did a match with Wendi (Richter), and I retained the belt, but afterwards I had actually gone to Japan and I didn’t get back till probably two days before the actual event of WrestleMania. I didn’t realize how big it was until I got there. Once I was in the arena, there was so much excitement going on; people running around everywhere, and seeing celebrities and all. I didn’t realize how big it was, not at that moment I didn’t. I realized it afterwards; they had a big huge party and everybody was there and having a good time and dancing. It was a little bit different, but I didn’t realize really how big it was until I was there. I didn’t hear much talk about it when I was overseas…I didn’t really realize how big it was going to be, but it was the most exciting night of my whole life. I loved it; it was a lot of fun.”

Where did your hatred for Vince Russo start?

“It started when he wanted me to do mud wrestling. I had come to the event, I think it was Denver, Colorado, to wrestle a lady named Brandy Alexander, and they just changed it on me and wanted me to do mud wrestling on the show. I was like, ‘You’ve got to be out of your mind; I’m not going to do anything like that.’ Now that I think about it, I would do anything if I can let him get in the mud with me, maybe in a cage, and I’ll wrestle him and let him see what it feels like. I’d love to do that; get in a mud wrestling match with him in a cage. But that was an awful long time ago, and I just didn’t care for that at all. That’s not what I’m about, and it really upset me pretty bad; it wasn’t a very good scene. I really don’t think that he knew what he was doing, I really don’t. It didn’t do a lot for a lot of the young talent getting in the business; it wasn’t good for them at all. I don’t think they were treated right and he just messed it up with that cartoonish-type thing. I think it messed it up for a lot of the guys who were really trying to make it in the business and worked so hard to pave for pro wrestling. I just didn’t care for the way he pursued his characters or whatever cartoonish things he did. It really made me mad when he said that to me; I was really upset, I think I really went off on him.”

Other topics discussed included:
· Who are some of the younger female wrestlers that stand out to her?
· What does she think the differences are between women’s wrestling now and when she broke in?
· How did the match against Alundra Blayze at WrestleMania X come about?
· What is the difference in styles between wrestling in Japan and wrestling in the States?
· Why did they change her name in WCW to Patty Stonegrinder?

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