TMZ: Matt Hardy, Reby Sky reach plea agreement


Ex-WWE Star Matt Hardy
Cops Plea in Domestic Violence Case
I Promise I’ll Be Good!

Former WWE superstar Matt Hardy just played a round of legal “Let’s Make a Deal” in Virginia — stay out of trouble for 2 full years … and you won’t go to jail for beating up your wife.

Hardy and his wife Reby Sky have each pled “No Contest” to assault and battery charges stemming from a violent domestic altercation at a Virginia motel back in January … in which both Matt and Reby emerged bloody and bruised.

Law enforcement sources tell us … in exchange for the pair of “no contest” pleas, Hardy and Sky are required to complete an anger management course, pay some court fees and stay out of trouble for 2 years … and the case will be dismissed.

As for the marriage … we’re told Matt and Reby are still together and plan on staying that way.

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