Reader email provides detailed recap of DDP event in the UK

Scott H. passed along this recap of a DDP Q and A event in the UK.

Last night I attended a night with DDP, my goodness was it fun.

DDP is just a natural at talking to people and he is great at putting a positive spin on anything. He was a tall guy and I was shocked just how in shape he was.

He started off with the story of his life and how he left club land to try pro wrestling. At 22 he failed, and forgot about the dream for a few years. Then after a chance meeting with Jake the Snake, DDP got into the business via the AWA.

In the AWA he started his alliance with Scott Hall. DDP told stories about the Gagne’s and how he came up with the idea of Scott Hall dying his hair black.

We fast forward to DDP’s WCW career and everything about him just connects to positivity. He told us how being Bischoff’s friend worked against him. He told how Nash and Hall did all they could to try and help in WCW. Told stories about how cool a person David Arqutte is, and that he gave money to Brian Pillmans wife, which is very cool.

He knew he had it made in WCW when Randy Savage wanted to work with him.

DDP expressed disappointment in himself for joining the WWF and working with The Undertaker. He wanted to work with the Rock but Vince talked him out of it, he said he regretted doing The Undertaker angle and wished he would of just walked away from the deal.

After a 10 minute break, DDP was back on stage he did literally 1½ hours of Q & A this guy can talk and entertain. He didn’t seem to have anything planned, he is such a natural he can just talk and entertain you just like that.

DDP told a story about how Steve Austin passed out at his house, and was taken to bed by following a pack of cookies, after Mick Foley’s cookies stories about DDP, DDP said he has many cookie stories himself.

DDP demonstrated on stage his Yoga skills, he can move his body amazingly for 58 year old man. He stressed healthy diet and talked about eating real food.

DDP told stories about Scott Hall and Jake needing to lose weight, and he told them back when they started his programme that both the guys need very much to drop weight.

DDP told of his personnel relationship with Jake and ended the night with the text he sent Jake the night before Jake returned to the WWE on RAW.

DDP has been making a film about Jake the Snake… Called THE RESURRECTION OF JAKE THE SNAKE…He started filming 18 months ago, and it will conclude at the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. What a film that will be.

DDP told of how great Triple H really is, and how he supported Jake from a far, and told DDP that if Jake stayed sober and lost weight the WWE would welcome him back.

This was one of the most personnel and great nights I have ever experienced, DDP is the man and I really can’t say enough if you get chance to please go and see DDP Live…BANG