Rene Dupree on staying clean in wrestling and his character

Neal Jones passed along this recap.

Recap of Rene Dupree on In Your Head Wrestling Radio, 04/23/2014
by Vic Schiavone

Hosts Jack E. Jones and One Inch Biceps welcomed former WWE wrestler Rene Dupree to IYH Wrestling Radio. Rene is the youngest wrestler in WWE history to win a title, having held the World Tag Team Championship as a member of the team La Resistance at the age of 19.

Highlights included the following:

* It’s no secret that you have had problems with different things. How have you been coping with that in recent years and is it hard to be clean living in the wrestling business?

“People, places, and things…that’s the first thing they teach you in a rehabilitation program. So if you’re around people, places, or things that trigger you wanting to use your drug of choice, you’ve got to change that environment …From what I hear the WWE has really cleaned up and they’re really strict on it, and it’s the best thing that ever happened. I’m sure there are some guys who fall through the cracks, but I can tell my guys, just by looking at them, they’re on their ‘A’ game…I think Hunter has a lot more involvement now as well, and he’s always been a straight-edge type of guy.”

* What is the biggest misconception about you?

“That I’m actually the person you saw on TV. I think maybe back then…I think a lot of people backstage didn’t like me. But hey, I was a twenty-year-old kid…I left when I was 23. You can blame it on age at times. I think that’s a big part because I never maliciously tried to hurt anybody; I’m not that type of person. At times I’m very confident in my ability, now more than ever. I’m here to do a job and I can do it very well. But when you really get to know me, I’m a down-to-earth guy.”

Other topics discussed included:
* Is the door still open for him to go back to the WWE?
* What do his tattoos mean?
* Which wrestler’s death hit him the hardest?
* Does he prefer working single or tag-team matches?
* What older wrestlers did he watch to pick up mannerisms for his character?

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