This week AAA confirmed the card for their big 06/07 “Verano de Escandalo” card and it will feature the official in-ring return of the original Mistico/Sin Cara. The most shocking this is that AAA is advertising him under the “Mistico” name which is owned by CMLL, AAA’s main rival in Mexico. CMLL even currently has a new version of the “Mistico” character though he is out with a severe leg injury at the moment.

Mistico originally debuted in AAA back in February at a TV taping but he simply appeared in the shadows wearing a hood while his original Mistico music played. Then earlier this month he once again returned wearing all white to attack his old CMLL rival Averno, who is also still using the CMLL owned “Averno” name (in fact AAA recently debuted veteran wrestler Ricky Marvin under a new character called “Bengala” which is also a name CMLL owns as they have had an undercard luchador working with that name for years). Mistico then again appeared last week at a TV Taping wearing his old Mistico gear. He then took off his mask to reveal a new all white, with gold eye holes, mask, but now AAA is advertising him on the poster for the event in the old Mistico mask so it seems that he is just going to revert back to his old name and look rather than coming up with something new.

Mistico will team with AAA’s Cibernetico and La Parka Jr. in the Main Event against Averno, Perro Aguayo Jr., and Chessman. Both Perro and Averno are considered the biggest rivals in Mistico’s career and he is also very good friends with Averno. Mistico really made a name for himself in feuds against Perro, Averno, and Black Warrior, who too is in AAA right now, back in CMLL.

There have been tons of controversies in Mexico over the use of names. When the original La Parka left AAA he fought to continue using the name but eventually a court order stopped him from doing so now he goes by the name L.A. Park. When the original Psicosis left AAA he was forced to change his name to Nicho el Millionario before recently reverting back to the Psicosis name in AAA. When Psicosis II and Histeria II left AAA they continued to use those names for years following their AAA departure before finally CMLL officially changed their names to Ripper and Morphosis. It would be hard to believe that CMLL will not attempt to fight AAA using both the “Averno” and “Mistico” names at some point though AAA doesn’t seem too worried about it at the moment.

“Verano de Escandalo” takes place on June 06th, for more information on the full card and other lucha news check out my “Viva la Raza: Lucha Weekly” column this weekend.