Daniel Portolan passed along an interview that Rob Fee of Mandatory.com conducted with Jim Cornette where he discusses Smoky Mountain Wrestling and talks in detail on why current talent in the wrestling industry are being limited.

“Yeah they have the level of athleticism and ability, but the problem is they don’t get a chance to get as much experience as the guys used to because now they might wrestle two or three times per week. It was seven days per week for us. Plus, before you got on national television you had been wrestling for years. Now it’s just that the guys are a little bit more inexperienced at being in front of crowds and also, to be honest, they’re not allowed to do their own thing as much. I mean back then no one was telling us what to do. If there was an interview, someone handed you a mic and said, “Here, talk about the Rock n Roll Express.” They didn’t tell you every word to say. If you had a match they’d say, “You’re wrestling the Rock n Roll Express. The rest is up to you.” Now they have people that tell you what foot to put in front of the other so it’s hard to learn that way.”

You can check out the full interview at the link below.