Lucha Underground Results – 11/19/14 (Mundo vs. Big Ryck)

Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
November 19, 2014
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see video highlighting Johnny Mundo’s issues with the Crenshaw Crew and Dario Cueto. We then see video highlighting the Triple Threat Match from last week.

We go inside the Temple, then before we go to the opening match, Sexy Star has a mic. Star says that Chavo Guerrero, or better yet, stupid coward. The next time I see you, you better bring the chair, because that is the only way you will beat me. I’m going to embarass you for what you did to a true legend, Blue Demon. I’m going to kick your ass for what you did to Mascarita Sagrada. And ultimately, for laying your hands on me. And you know what, pay attention. I, with these hands of a true queen, will finish the Guerrero dynasty!

Ivelisse comes out to face Star in the opening match and has a mic as well. Ivelisse tells the crowd to shut up, then mocks Star, saying she is so sad. Well, that’s what you get for messing with someone tougher than you. You actually believe you belong with the boys? You are not the baddest luchadora in here. Don’t even get me started, I mean, you hide that ugly face with that ugly mask. Look, deep, deep down in your core, you know and all of you know that I am the baddest b***h in this building.

Ivelisse blows a kiss to Star, but Star responds with a big slap as the bell sounds.

Sexy Star vs. “The Huntress” Ivelisse

Ivelisse takes down Star and unloads with right hands from the mount. Star comes back with some of her own. Star with a side headlock, then blocks a hiptoss and hits one of her own. Star with an armdrag, but Ivelisse with a clothesline. Ivelisse with a forearm, but Star with a Matrix move to avoid a clothesline. Star with a savate kick to the ribs, then hits a running rana and a dropkick. Star charges, but Ivelisse sends her face-first off the middle turnbuckle.

Ivelisse presses Star’s face against the turnbuckles, then sends her off the middle turnbuckle again. Hair-mare by Ivelisse, then chokes Star with her boot in the ropes. Ivelisse gains a nearfall. Ivelisse taunts Star, then rubs her face against the mat. Star fights back, but Ivelisse with a kick to the back and drives the back of Star’s head into the mat. Series of chest kicks by Ivelisse, then gains another nearfall. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Star. Ivelisse pulls at the mask of Star while having her in the chinlock. Star fights out and hits an armdrag.

Strike exchange, then a chop exchange, Star gains advantage and hits a Codebreaker. Star with 2 clotheslines and a back elbow. 2 suplexes by Star for a nearfall. Ivelisse comes back with a big slap, then hits Disdain (Front Guilliotine Choke into a DDT), but Star kicks out! Ivelisse can’t believe it! Ivelisse has words with the ref, but it allows Star to take her down with a drop toe hold.

La Magistral by Star for the win.

Winner: Sexy Star by pinfall (La Magistral)

Star celebrates her win afterward.


Back from commercial, we go to Dario Cueto’s office where he speaks with Drago. Cueto says that he doesn’t know what to think of Drago. Last week, you didn’t lose, but, you didn’t win either. You left me feeling unsatisified. I hear you are one of the best, but I don’t know that yet. Hell, I could be wasting my time. And Dario Cueto hates having his time wasted. I need to know what Drago is made of, so tonight, you will be looking straight into the face of savagery because you will be facing King Cuerno. Drago shows off his black tongue to Cueto and walks off.

Before the next match, Pentagon Jr. has a mic and says that in Mexico, no one respects me. Not even the fanatics, nor the other bosses, nor the other Pentagons. Mr. Cueto, thank you for finally giving me the respect I deserve. And after I take care of some unfinished business, what I am going to do to Fenix is just an example of what will happen to whoever wishes to confront me. Because my name is Pentagon Jr. and everyone will respect me. Zero fear!


Back from commercial, we go to the next match.

Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix

Both block each other’s kicks early, then Pentagon with a spinning back kick to the ribs. 2 basement head kicks by Pentagon, but Fenix avoids a third and rolls up Pentagon in a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Pentagon avoids a basement head kick by Fenix, roll-up for a nearfall. Pentagon slams down Fenix, but Fenix avoids a leg drop. Pentagon avoids another basement head kick, but Fenix hits him with a standing moonsault for a nearfall. Exchange of leg sweeps by both men for no count on the pinfall attempts and we have a stalemate.

Pentagon misses a clothesline and Fenix with running spinning rana that sends Pentagon to the outside. Fenix with a head of steam and wipes out Pentagon with a Foxbury Flop! Back in, Fenix hits Pentagon with a springboard leg drop for a nearfall. Pentagon with another spinning back to the ribs of Fenix, followed by a chest kick and finally, a superkick. Fenix comes back with a drop toe hold, then hits an overhand chop and locks Pentagon in a knucklelock. Fenix walks up the ropes, breaks the knucklelock, springs off the ropes twice and nails Pentagon with a missile dropkick. Pentagon avoids a charge, sending Fenix onto the apron. Fenix with a big slap, then hits a springboard lucha armdrag that sends Pentagon to the outside. Fenix with another head of steam and wipes out Pentagon with a corkscrew Tornillo!

Back in, Fenix gains a nearfall. Pentagon goes up & over Fenix and nails him on the way down with a backstabber for a nearfall. Fenix with a savate kick to the ribs, then hits Pentagon with a back handspring cutter for a nearfall. Pentagon catches a clothesline by Fenix and nails him with a Half-Nelson Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. Pentagon with a big overhand chop in the corner, but is sent onto the ring apron, where Fenix nails with a spinning back kick. Pentagon is doubled over on the apron as Fenix heads up top and nails him with a Mushroom Stomp, sending both men crashing to the outside!

Fenix with a PK to Pentagon on the outside, then sends him back in, where he gains a nearfall. Big chop by Fenix, crowd chants “this is awesome.” Fenix misses a clothesline and Pentagon nails him with a Slingblade for a nearfall. Pentagon with a wheelbarrow into an inverted Code Red-style facebuster for a nearfall. Pentagon heads up top and motions for the end, but Fenix kips up and nails Pentagon with an enziguri.

Fenix goes to the apron, then springboards to the top and hits Pentagon with a Super Spanish Fly for the win.

Winner: Fenix by pinfall (Super Spanish Fly)

Fenix celebrates his win afterward.

We see a vignette on King Cuerno. Cuerno says that what you call savage, I call survival. What you call evil, I call a way of life. You call me a predator, I call you prey. King Cuerno hunts tonight!


Back from commercial, we go to our next match.

Drago vs. King Cuerno

Cuerno comes out wearing a headpiece of a deer’s head. Cuerno backs Drago into the ropes, but the referee stops him from taking a cheapshot. Cuerno with an amateur takedown, but Dragon quickly kips up and takes down Cuerno with a snapmare. Cuerno with a gut kick and a back club. Drago fights back with right hands, but Cuerno with one of his own. Cuerno misses a clothesline, then slips out of a running rana by Drago, but Drago nails him with an enziguri. Cuerno slips out of La Magistral by Drago and nails him with a clothesline.

Cuerno with a standing dropkick, followed by a series of right hands to Drago in the corner. Crowd wills on Drago. Cuerno runs into double boots by Drago, then Drago drop toe holds Cuerno into the middle turnbuckle. Drago is placed up top by Cuerno, but he blocks a right hand by Cuerno with his boot and hits a leaping headscissors takeover. Drago goes for another spinning headscissors, but Cuerno slams him down face-first. Cuerno taunts the crowd, then rakes his forearm against the face of Drago. Drago comes back with a series of leg kicks, followed by a savate kick to the ribs. Drago off the ropes, but Cuerno throws the referee down, blocking Drago’s path. Drago then leaps off the referee’s back and nails Cuerno with a running rana that sends Cuerno to the outside. Drago with a head of steam and wipes out Cuerno with a flip dive!

Dragon throws Cuerno back in, but Cuerno knocks Drago off the apron with an enziguri. Cuerno with a head of steam and wipes out Drago with a tope suicida! Cuerno with a big overhand chop to Drago, then sends him back in.

Cuerno poses to taunt the crowd, but then Drago with a lucha takedown into a lucha roll-up for the win.

Winner: Drago by pinfall (Lucha Roll-Up)

Drago celebrates his win afterward, while Cuerno motions to Drago that he is coming for him.

We see Prince Puma training when Konnan walks in. Konnan says that Puma probably knows by now that tonight’s main event is Big Ryck vs. Mundo. I’m just here to remind you that this ain’t your fight. I don’t care if Cisco, Cortes, hell, if the whole damn lockerroom wants to bum-rush the ring, stay out of it. Are you listening? Puma continues to train. Konnan says you know what? Maybe its a lot for you to process while you’re working out, so I’mma leave you to you training, but listen. Konnan walks off as Puma continues to train.


Back from commercial, we go to the main event.

Main Event in a Grudge Match: Big Ryck vs. “The Wednesday Night Delight” Johnny Mundo

Commentary mentions that the money given to Ryck last week by Dario Cueto was the $100,000 that Cueto promised to Mundo on the debut episode. Ryck is already in the ring before Mundo comes out, smoking a cigar. Commentary describes Ryck as a mix of Kimbo Slice meets Suge Knight.

Ryck goozles Mundo early, but Mundo breaks free and hits a back elbow. Series of gut shots and right hands by Mundo, but Ryck shoves him off. Series of leg kicks by Mundo, then applies a side headlock. Mundo goes for a shoulder tackle, but Ryck does not go down. Ryck then mows over Mundo with a shoulder tackle. Mundo goes to the apron to avoid a corner charge, then slides under Ryck’s legs back in and nails him with an enziguri. Series of knee strikes by Mundo, but Ryck throws him into the corner and hits Mundo with an avalanche to the back. Ryck unloads with right hands to the back of Mundo’s head in the corner. Ryck goes to biel Mundo, but Mundo lands on his feet! Mundo drives Ryck into the corner and unloads with more right hands and gut shots. Ryck sends Mundo face-first off the middle turnbuckle, then chokes him with his boot. Ryck with a back club and a big slam for a nearfall. Neck vise applied by Ryck, but Mundo fights out with kicks from underneath. More gut shots by Mundo, Ryck misses a right hand, Mundo slides under his legs again and nails him with a dropkick, rocking Ryck back into the corner. Stinger Splash by Mundo in the corner, followed by the Moonlight Drive for a nearfall. Ryck comes back with more back clubs, then goes for the Book of Ryck, but Mundo slips out. Ryck misses a clothesline and Mundo nails him with the Flying Chuck for a nearfall. All of a sudden, we go back to where Prince Puma is training as we the Crenshaw Crew attack Puma from behind and leave him laying.

Back to the ring, Mundo goes for Fin de Mundo on Ryck, but the Crenshaw Crew run out and stop him, ref calls for the bell.

Winner: “The Wednesday Night Delight” Johnny Mundo by DQ

Afterwards, Mundo spears down Castro, then hits Cisco with a Standing Spanish Fly, but Ryck nails Mundo with a big clothesline. Crenshaw Crew put the boots to Mundo, then Ryck tells them to get a table. Crenshaw Crew grab a table from underneath the ring and set it up in the ring. Crenshaw Crew send Mundo to Ryck and Ryck hits Mundo with the Book of Ryck through the table! Crenshaw Crew and Ryck leave as referees tend to the fallen Mundo to close the show.

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