Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling and New Japan are hoping to get 10,000 PPV buys in North America for the Wrestlekingdom PPV on January 4 at the Tokyo Dome according to a report by Dave Meltzer. 10,000 would be considered a solid success, 7,000-8,000 buys would be considered OK and anything lower than that would be considered a disappointment for New Japan’s debut on US PPV. Depending on how the show does on PPV will determine if New Japan decides to do future PPVs in the US. It is said that their goal number is not high because there is very minimal added expenses to air the show live on US PPV on the New Japan end. 

Jeff Jarrett is still looking at potential color commentators for Jim Ross on the English language broadcast of the show. Ross has input on the final decision for color commentator, but the final decision solely will be made by Jarrett who it will be. Jarrett spoke with former UFC star Chael Sonnen recently about doing the show, as Sonnen & Ross recently did commentary on the Battlegrounds MMA PPV show in October. TNA commentator Mike Tenay is said to be the overall leading candidate to do the show, with Jarrett and Ross being on the same page in regards to Tenay possibly doing the color commentary. ROH commentator Kevin Kelly was also thought of to possibly do the color commentary, but he will be unable to due to ROH filming TV in Nashville on January 3. 

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter