Lucha Underground Results – 1/7/15 (First champ crowned)

Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
January 7, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see video highlighting the two 10-way matches and Mil Muertes vs. Fenix from the 12/17 episode.

We go inside the Temple where the Aztec warriors dance and beat on drums in preparation for tonight’s Aztec Warfare Match to crown the first Lucha Underground Champion.

Dario Cueto is in the ring and says welcome to my Temple. 2015 is gonna be huge year for Lucha Underground and it all starts tonight because you are gonna witness a match that I, Dario Cueto, invented. Its called Aztec Warfare. Crowd chants “Aztec Warfare.” Cueto says that the luchadore that wants to claim this title will have to survive 19 other competitors. The rules are simple: We will start with 2 men, every 90 seconds, another luchadore enters. Elimination can happen by pinfall or submission and only because I do love violence, anything goes! “Lucha” chants by the crowd. Cueto introduces the first two entrants, first at the unlucky #1 spot, Fenix! And by random draw, the man who is at #2, Johnny Mundo! Its time for Aztec Warfare to begin!

20-Way Aztec Warfare Match to crown the first Lucha Underground Champion

“Lucha” chants by the crowd as the bell sounds. Mundo throws down Fenix early. Both block each other’s kick attempts. Mundo with a legsweep, Fenix avoids a Standing Shooting Star Press, hits a basement hesitation dropkick. Mundo kips up, nails Fenix with a leg lariat. Fenix avoids a running basement knee, kips up, hits Mundo with a superkick, sending Mundo to the outside. Fenix gets a head of steam, but Mundo gets back in and clotheslines Fenix to the outside. Mundo with a head of steam, but Fenix catches him with an enziguri. Aztec warriors begin beating the drums as the countdown draws near to entrant #3 as they will be beating the drums before every new participant in this match.

Entrant #3 is Mr. Cisco of the Crenshaw Crew. Cisco with right hands from the mount to both Fenix & Mundo. Shawshank Redemption (Back Senton) to both Fenix & Mundo. Superkick sends Mundo to the outside. Fenix lifts up Cisco in DVD position and rams him head-first into the top turnbuckle, flings him overhead, but Cisco avoids a standing moonsault. Mundo gets back in and springs to the top.

Fin de Mundo eliminates Cisco.

Mr. Cisco has been eliminated. (Via pinfall from Johnny Mundo’s Fin de Mundo)

Fenix rolls up Mundo for 2. Strike exchange, then both hit each other with head kicks at the same time, both go down as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as both Fenix & Mundo are still down and the drums begin beating again for entrant #4.

Entrant #4 is King Cuerno. Fenix with a chop and a superkick to Mundo. Flying forearm by Cuerno to Fenix. Double knees in the corner to Mundo, sending him to the outside. Monkey flip to Fenix, then Cuerno makes his arrow shot from the depths of hell, gets a head of steam and wipes out Mundo with a tope suicida! Cuerno gets on the apron, avoids Fenix, but Fenix knocks him off with an enziguri. Fenix heads up top, walks the top rope and wipes out Cuerno with a somersault plancha!

Entrant #5 is Son of Havoc. Springboard Mushroom Stomp to Mundo. Mundo grabs Havoc by his beard and hits it with a right hand. Havoc springs off the top rope with his head and hits Mundo with a flying back elbow. Spinning headscissors sends Mundo to the outside. Havoc with a head of steam and wipes out everyone with a Space Flying Tiger Drop!

Entrant #6 is Pimpinela Escarlata. Dropkick to Havoc. Knucklelock to Fenix, walks up the ropes, then takes down Cuerno with a lucha armdrag. Fenix misses a clothesline, Pimpinela with an overhand chop and a double armdrag to both Fenix & Cuerno. Fenix misses another clothesline and Pimpinela KISSES HIM!! Pimpinela goes after the ref, but Cuerno with a low kick. Dropkick by Pimpinela to Cuerno, sending him outside.

Entrant #7 is Prince Puma. Right hands, an uppercut and a dropkick to Mundo. Right hands from the mount to Mundo, followed by a springboard moonsault for 2. Another uppercut and a right hand by Puma, but runs into a boot by Mundo. Fenix with an enziguri to the back of Mundo’s head from the apron, then hits a springboard legdrop.

Entrant #8 is Ivelisse. Ivelisse heads up top, rana to Cuerno. Ivelisse sent onto the apron by Fenix, but nails him with a head kick. Ivelisse springs off the middle rope, Flaming Arrow to Fenix. Pimpinela goes after Ivelisse, then Cuerno, but Cuerno nails him with a dropkick. Vertigo by Ivelisse to Pimpinela.

Havoc heads up top, Shooting Star Press eliminates Pimpinela.

Pimpinela Escarlata has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Son of Havoc’s Shooting Star Press)

Cuerno sends Havoc outside and points at Ivelisse. Ivelisse fires back with leg kicks.

Entrant #9 is Drago. Legsweep to Ivelisse, dropkick to Havoc, series of savate kicks to Fenix, followed by a running Blockbuster DDT, Mundo breaks up the pin. Tilt-a-whirl DDT by Drago to Mundo for 2. Drago avoids a running forearm and a head kick by Puma, reverse rana sends Puma outside. Cuerno nails Drago with a step-up enziguri. Cuerno lifts up Drago, but Ivelisse nails Cuerno with a chest kick.

Cuerno lifts up Ivelisse, Thrill of the Hunt eliminates Ivelisse.

Ivelisse has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by King Cuerno’s Thrill of the Hunt)

Entrant #10 is Bael (B-Boy) of the Crenshaw Crew. Drago with a Tiger Flip and an enziguri to Cuerno, sending him outside. Bael sends Mundo into the ringpost as Drago pulls down the top rope, sending Fenix outside, who wipes out Cuerno with a Foxbury Flop! Puma sends Bael head-first off the apron as Drago heads up top and wipes out Fenix & Cuerno with a corkscrew plancha! Puma misses a clothesline on Havoc, but lifts him up. Havoc slips out, but Puma nails him with a Superman Punch.

Puma lifts up Havoc again, Benadryller eliminates Havoc.

Son of Havoc has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Prince Puma’s Benadryller)

Puma wipes out Mundo with a slingshot corkscrew plancha!

Entrant #11 is Cortez Castro of the Crenshaw Crew. Castro goes right after Mundo, but Puma goes after him. Bael & Castro pair up on Mundo & Puma. Gutwrench by Castro to Puma. Outside, Cuerno with a sliding dropkick to Drago by the barricade. Bael with the Face Eraser to Puma in the corner. Enziguri by Cuerno to Drago on the outside.

Entrant #12 is Ricky Mandel. Mandel goes after Castro, hits a dropkick. Windmill Kick by Puma to Bael, Mundo with a through-the-ropes running dropkick to Mandel. Northern Lights/Deadlift Suplex combo by Puma to Bael.

Standing Shooting Star Press eliminates Bael.

Bael has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Prince Puma’s Standing Shooting Star Press)

Mundo with a running rana to Castro, followed by a leg lariat.

Running Basement Knee eliminates Castro.

Cortez Castro has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Johnny Mundo’s Running Basement Knee)

Entrant #13 is Big Ryck of the Crenshaw Crew, who is unhappy that all the other members of the Crenshaw Crew have been eliminated prior to him entering Aztec Warfare, leaving him with no help. Crenshaw Crew try to explain to Ryck, but he shoves them aside and gets in the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Ryck with clotheslines to Puma & Mundo.

Book of Ryck eliminates Mandel.

Ricky Mandel has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Big Ryck’s Book of Ryck)

Drago with leg kicks to Ryck, but Ryck with a knee to the ribs. Ryck gorilla presses Drago, but Cuerno asks Ryck to bring Drago to him, Ryck obliges, throwing Drago onto Cuerno’s shoulders.

Thrill of the Hunt eliminates Drago.

Drago has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by King Cuerno’s Thrill of the Hunt)

Bridging Crucifix by Mundo eliminates Cuerno.

King Cuerno has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Johnny Mundo’s Bridging Crucifix)

Entrant #14 is Pentagon Jr. Clotheslines to Puma, Mundo & Fenix. Ryck grabs Pentagon in a Full Nelson, but Puma & Mundo nail Ryck with stereo superkicks. Superkicks by Pentagon to Puma, Mundo & Fenix. Slingblade to Mundo, Powerbomb Backbreaker to Puma. Pentagon throws up Fenix, who tries to do the same flipping rana he did to Pentagon before in their first encounter, but Pentagon counters it with a powerbomb! Ryck breaks up the pin. Ryck with right hands on Pentagon, Mundo gets 2 on Fenix. Sliding dropkick by Mundo to Fenix.

Entrant #15 is Superfly. Superfly heads up top, rana to Pentagon. Puma grabs Superfly in a Full Nelson, but Mundo accidentally nails Puma with a step-up enziguri, intended for Superfly. Dropkick by Superfly to Mundo. Fenix misses a clothesline, running rana by Superfly. Superfly with a head of steam, wipes out Pentagon with a flip dive! Ryck knocks everyone to the outside. Superfly back in, but Ryck unloads on him. Ryck rolls through a Sunset Flip by Mundo, big right hand.

Entrant #16 is Chavo Guerrero, coming out with a steel chair.

Chairshot to the head of Superfly eliminates him.

Superfly has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by a steel chairshot to the head by Chavo Guerrero)

Pentagon & Chavo high-five as they have been partners in recent weeks, but then Chavo nails him in the head with the chair.

Chavo eliminates Pentagon.

Pentagon Jr. has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by a steel chairshot to the head by Chavo Guerrero)

Chairshot to the ribs of Mundo by Chavo, Ryck with an avalanche to Fenix.

Entrant #17 is Mascarita Sagrada as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Sagrada heads up top, crossbody to Chavo. Chavo misses a clothesline, springboard headbutt by Sagrada. Chavo shoves Sagrada down. Spinning headscissors sends Chavo outside. Fenix with a kick and an overhand chop to Sagrada. Lucha armdrag by Sagrada to Fenix. Fenix misses a clothesline, satelitte headscissors by Sagrada. Sagrada with a rana sending Fenix to the outside. Sagrada leaps off the apron, but Fenix DRILLS him in mid-air with a dropkick!

Entrant #18 is Sexy Star. Chavo misses a clothesline, wheelbarrow armdrag by Star. Chavo tries to suplex Star over the ropes and to the outside, but she lands on the apron. Star knocks Chavo off the apron with a boot, then wipes him out with a senton! Sagrada in there now with Ryck. Sagrada with leg kicks to Ryck, but Ryck catches him. Ryck blocks a Sunset flip, but Sagrada kicks him off.

Lariat by Ryck eliminates Sagrada.

Mascarita Sagrada has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Big Ryck’s Lariat)

Entrant #19 is El Mariachi Loco. Springboard dropkick to Ryck, wheelbarrow armdrag to Fenix. Fenix misses a clothesline, step-up enziguri by Loco. Walk-up-the-ropes knucklelock into a lucha armdrag to Mundo. Puma misses a clothesline, Loco with jabs and a forearm, followed by a superkick. Lariat by Ryck to Loco gets 2.

The final entrant, entrant #20 is Mil Muertes. Clothesline to Mundo, Spear to Puma. Muertes misses a clothesline on Loco, but drills him off a springboard on the way down with a big right hand. Straight to Hell on Loco, Muertes catches Fenix leaping off the top with another big right hand.

Muertes pins Loco to eliminate him.

El Mariachi Loco has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Mil Muertes’s Straight to Hell)

Ryck & Muertes have a staredown. No one goes down off a shoulder tackle attempt multiple times. Everyone else then goes after Muertes & Ryck. Mundo avoids a corner charge by Ryck. Fin de Mundo, but Chavo throws Mundo outside. Standing Shooting Star by Puma to Ryck, but Chavo throws Puma outside. Chavo goes to pin Mundo, but Fenix comes off the top with a 450 onto both Chavo & Ryck!

Chavo & Fenix both pin Ryck to eliminate him.

Big Ryck has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Fenix’s 450 Splash)

Chavo has the chair again, chairshot to the ribs of Mundo, chairshot to the head of Fenix.

Chavo pins Fenix to eliminate him.

Fenix has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by a steel chairshot to the head by Chavo Guerrero)

Star comes in as Chavo still has the chair. Star dares Chavo to hit her with the chair, then dropkicks him and unloads with kicks. Chavo comes back and front slams Star onto the chair! Chavo places the chair on Star’s head and heads up top to Frog Splash her, but all of a sudden, Blue Demon returns and knocks Chavo off the top! Demon unloads with right hands to Chavo. Star nails Chavo in the head with the chair.

Star pins Chavo to eliminate him.

Chavo Guerrero has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by a steel chairshot to the head by Sexy Star)

Demon gets in Chavo’s face, saying he is not done with Chavo yet. Demon leaves as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as we are down to the final four in the Aztec Warfare: Johnny Mundo, Sexy Star, Mil Muertes and Prince Puma. Star with a Matrix move to avoid Muertes, but Muertes grabs her. Puma & Mundo go after Muertes. Muertes avoids a double team, but runs into stereo superkicks by Mundo & Puma. Spinning headscissors by Star to Mundo, running rana to Puma.

Spear by Muertes eliminates Star.

Sexy Star has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Mil Muertes’s Spear)

Mundo goes after Muertes, unloading with shots in the corner. Rick-Rack by Puma to Mundo. Puma with shots to Muertes, but is draped across the ropes on the apron. Muertes holds Puma’s legs, Mundo wipes out Puma with a plancha. Mundo slips out of a suplex by Muertes, dropkick. They head up top, Muertes blocks a superplex. Puma goes up with them as well, double superplex by Puma & Mundo to Muertes. Go 2 Sleepy Hollow by Puma to Mundo. Catrina grabs at Puma’s leg, Puma grabs her and brings her onto the apron. Puma avoids a charge by Muertes, who almost runs into Catrina. Mundo goes for the Flying Chuck on Muertes, but Muertes ducks and MUNDO HITS CATRINA!! Catrina is out on the outside as Mundo tries to explain himself to Muertes, who is incensed. Muertes goozles him, but Puma hits Muertes with a springboard Meteora. Stereo Springboard 450s by Puma & Mundo to Muertes.

Both pin Muertes to eliminate him.

Mil Muertes has been eliminated (Via pinfall by Prince Puma’s Springboard 450)

We are down to 2, Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo, the same two men who fought in the main event of the debut episode of Lucha Underground. Muertes carries the fallen Catrina to the back as Puma & Mundo stare each other down. Mundo misses a clothesline, back handspring headscissors by Puma, followed by a dropkick and a windmill kick for 2. Uppercut by Puma, but Mundo trips him up and rolls through into a half crab, Puma gets to the ropes. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Puma sent into the corner, but knocks Mundo to the outside when Mundo goes to springboard. They head up top, Super Spanish Fly by Puma, MUNDO KICKS OUT!! PUMA CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Mundo grabs Puma’s leg to stop him from going back up top. Puma kicks him off, heads up top, but Mundo stops him. They head back up top, SUPER REVERSE RANA BY MUNDO!! FIN DE MUNDO!!! 1-2……..PUMA KICKS OUT!!! NOW ITS MUNDO WHO CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! Mundo stomps away at Puma in the corner. They head back up top, Mundo goes for his own Super Spanish Fly, but Puma crotches him on the ropes and knocks him off with a head kick.

630!!! 1-2-3!! NEW CHAMPION!!

Winner and the first Lucha Underground Champion: “The Future of Flight” Prince Puma by pinfall (The 630)

Puma celebrates his title win afterwards as we see his mentor, Konnan, head out to ringside for the first time. Mundo & Puma shake hands and embrace in a sign of mutual respect as the show closes.

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