Phil Johnson sent this recap in.

Kayfabe Commentaries owner Sean Oliver recently participated in an exclusive interview with Oliver talks if wrestling podcasts are killing the shoot video industry, their worse guest and more. Here are some highlights from the interview.

If podcasts are killing the shoot video industry:

“We’ve talked about this a bit at the company, quite frankly. And there are two takes on this. First and foremost, wrestlers and wrestling personalities have to stop just giving away their story for free. Their legacy is what should now be making them money, if they are out of the ring. At KC we pay and pay fairly to record and sell a part of that creator’s legacy. Why the hell are they giving it away for free for two hours on Joe Fungul’s podcast? An appearance to plug a product is customary of course, just like being on Letterman for 10 minutes to sell your film. But doing a shoot interview for free for two hours on a podcast? Guys, you’re killing your market. Seriously. They collectively need to get together and stop this free shit. They deserve to make a living off of the legacy they’ve built.

That’s just for the wrestlers’ well being. For the BUSINESS of shoots…I think the fact that WWE has basically made their network a collection of shoot interviews and content emulating Kayfabe Commentaries’ formats and programs, and also the proliferation of wrestler podcasts can be good for our business. A whole new segment of viewer is being introduced to shoot-style programming, and eventually they will come to the producers that consistently produce the purest, most innovative and entertaining shoot-style programs. WWE is a great silent partner, as are all the free podcasts by high profile wrestlers. They will attract the widest audience by casting a wide net. The eventually, that audience will find us. And UNLIKE programming produced by WWE about WWE, we can tell the whole truth, even the ugly stuff.”

Kayfabe Commentaries worse guest:

“I didn’t enjoy the Chyna interview. She’s very nice, personally. But YouShoot didn’t fit her well.”

Oliver also speaks on their most expensive wrestling personality, forming Kayfabe Commentaries and more.